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Build Upper Body Strength with Crow pose

posted on Saturday, 10th October 2009 | find under Fitness

Yoga is perfect for toning arms, building upper body strength.

To go into Crow Pose, squat down, with the arms on either side of the outer left and right arms. Spread your fingers wide, making sure that the elbows are in line with, and supporting the wrists. Squeeze the knees into the outer arms, just above the elbows. The arms will form "a ledge" for the knees. Come up onto the toes, lift the hips up, lean forward and slowly lift the legs off the ground., finding your balance.

**** NOTE: To begin, try lifting one leg off the ground, then putting it down. Then lift the other leg, off the ground. This will enable you to build upper body and arm strength. 


This shot was taken of me on Skyros Beach, in Greece by photographer Damien Senn. 


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