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Bow pose, a step-by-step guide

posted on Tuesday, 2nd October 2012 | find under Fitness


Local Ambassador and Sweaty Betty in-house yoga instructor, Julie Montagu, gives us a step-by-step guide to perfecting Bow pose (Dhanurasana). This deep and invigorating backbend strengthens and stretches the spine, arms and thighs, opens the lungs and stimulates digestion. It’s great for revitalising and detoxifying. Mats at the ready...

Stage 1

Begin lying flat on stomach, forehead down. Bring feet together and arms at sides. Inhale, bend knees and reach back with hands to hold either outer ankles or feet (just below the toes). Exhale, draw tailbone down and under and navel towards spine.

Stage 2

Inhale, begin to kick out through the feet, letting the leg strength lift chest and shoulders away from the mat. Gaze forward and slightly up. Breathe here, lift higher with each inhale, rolling weight forward into stomach Relax face and jaw and draw shoulders down away from ears. Exhale, lower down slowly and with control. Release legs and arms alongside body, palms face up.Turn head to right and let heels fall outwards. Relax for a few breaths and then repeat. After taking the posture again turn head to left and relax again.

Top Tips:

Try not to pull with arms. Focus instead on using the leg strength to kick up and back and move deeper into the pose. Make the legs lighter by energising feet and flaring toes. Work at keeping the thighs parallel by drawing knees and feet in towards the centre line of the body.
Aside from being a Sweaty Betty Local Ambassador and helping us empower women through fitness in her local community, Julie is a Power Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist - www.juliemontagu.com/
Position Of Feet
By Anonymous - 4th October 2012
Stretched feet might look more elegant, but I understood from a recent yoga class that flexed feet serve to protect the knees.
By Emma Wynter - 4th October 2012
It s what I teach in my Pilates/Ballet fusion class, [ reverse bridge ] looks much more elegant with stretched feet, and obvs with S.Betty gear on!!
Acroyoga Teacher Paris
By Logerot Melanie - 4th October 2012
I leave in Paris and give yoga and acroyoga class. If you need any support to spread your spirit in France let me know... Looking forward to connect with you.
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