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bonking isnt always fun

posted on Wednesday, 16th December 2009 | find under Fitness

Bonking in sport is not a nice thing. It occurs when you have pushed your body to the maximum but more dangerously have depleted its entire glycogen reserves in both your liver and your muscles. This is what happened to me on sunday. I ran a half marathon in record timing and then went on to train for 6 hours in the park as part of a running video. I began bonking mid-day on sunday and am still suffering. The problem when you really bonk (which is different to having low blood sugar) is that your brain too becomes starved of glycogen. You basically shut down and ironically enough in your time of carb need...you body also starts to seriously reject any food. Its not nice and is very dangerous. I should, with the knowledge that i have of nutrition and training, be able to stop myself from bonking.But we all make mistakes. Mistakes that have consequences dont make me want to stop, instead they teach me vital lessons that will make my future training more efficient. They make me even more aware of my body and its needs. My dad always says "we all make mistakes, they are what wisdom grows out of. It is a fool who gains no wisdom and instead simply repeats his mistakes" Ill admit its not the catchiest of sayings but in this instance it is very true! 

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