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Body by Simone comes to Sweaty Betty NYC

posted on Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
Part cardio, part toning and one massive dose of the feel good factor, the free in-store Body by Simone class hosted at Sweaty Betty NYC is the place to be on Thursday evenings. This Thursday's class was led by Simone herself, so we took the opportunity to find out about Body by Simone…
Tell us about Body by Simone classes. How would you explain it to those who are unfamiliar with it?
Body by Simone classes are a marriage of cardio and toning. With dance as the main influence you’ll also find hints of yoga and Pilates. Our aim is to create long lean muscles and the desired dancer’s physique.
Our two signature classes are Dance Cardio, an hour of dance with upper body and core strengthening. The other is Hips, Thighs and Buns, which focuses on toning and sculpting those specific areas.
What inspired you to create Body by Simone?
I wanted to create a safe, ego free environment where people could experience the joy of dance. People always ask me how to get a dancer's body, and I would say, it’s simple, you dance!
I wanted to make exercise fun and rather than a chore. Dance is an art, but it is also a sport. Dancers have such an innate sense of how the body works and functions and I wanted to share this knowledge so I started Body by Simone.
What are the benefits of taking Dance cardio classes?
Dance cardio is just so much fun. Before you know it, the class is over , you have experienced an incredible cardio fix and burned up to 600 calories. You are using your whole body to dance, not just your lower body as you would in say a spin class, so dance cardio promotes coordination.

You also have to use your brain to learn the choreography, and the movements help to burn calories. The choice is easy: an hour on the treadmill, or an hour dancing with your girlfriends to kick ass tunes. You choose!

Is Body by Simone just for those who have dance experience?
Anyone can participate, even men! In fact we have a lot of men joining us now. It truly is about moving, being creative and expressive with your body.
What is the most challenging part of Body by Simone classes?
The classes are very intense, which is why you see results so quickly. All of my team are brilliant teachers who focus on Form and Technique. You can't get away with anything in our classes. You will be reminded of your form throughout the whole class, so there is no opportunity to cheat!

What do you advise to stay motivated?
Try and get your workout done in the morning so it’s behind you and you can get on with your day. Good endorphins can carry you throughout the day, postponing it until the end of the day leaves you open for excuses. Find a workout buddy and motivate one another. It's much harder to cancel a workout when you know your friend is waiting for you at the other end.

Keep a food and exercise journal. Having a journal will keep you accountable. Finally choose a goal, whether it’s fitting into those skinny jeans, looking good for a first date or showing up to your high school reunion looking fabulous.

Tell us about your background in the fitness world.
I fell into fitness by accident. I was a professional dancer for 18 years, dancing on Broadway, London's West End, Australia, The Academy Awards, TV and Film.
I studied Yoga and Pilates throughout my dance career to protect my body from injury. When an actress needed to look like a dancer for a movie role, I worked with her to help her transform her body, the rest is history!

What do you enjoy when you’re not working out?
I am usually exhausted after a long day of training, so even though a run along the Hudson or a bike ride through Central Park sounds good in my head, it’s the last thing my body feels like doing.

In my downtime I like to hang out with friends at long extended brunches. I love to get a massage, watch movies and explore new parts of the city. 
Body by Simone classes take place every Thursday at 6.30pm in the Sweaty Betty NYC boutique. Spaces are limited, call the boutique to book your place.
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