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#AskMike: Top Five Marathon Tips

posted on Friday, 18th October 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
Following this week’s Marathon Master Class in our Soho, London boutique, founder of The Running School Mike Antoniades will be hosting an exclusive live Twitter takeover on Wednesday, 23rd October at 1 pm GMT / 9 AM EST.

Mike will be poised to answer all marathon training questions – for now, he’s given us his top five marathon tips.

1.    Plan your training
Even if you have been running for years, you need to plan for your marathon. You won’t get across the finish line unless you make a plan and incorporate your training into your lifestyle, setting aside training time every week. It’s important that you begin training early and include strength training, recovery time, flexibility, nutrition, hydration and the right running kit.
2.    Evaluate your current level of fitness
Have a clear idea of where you are now and how much training you need to get to your marathon goal. You may not realise it, but over the next few months you will be training like an elite athlete! Do a test 5k run to assess your current level of fitness. If you have any concerns about health, fitness or training, seek advice from experts.
3.    Get advice on how to train
Unless you are an experienced runner, it is very hard to coach yourself. Getting a coach can help keep you motivated and get the right advice on technique & training from an experienced specialist. If it hurts every time you run, something is wrong. Poor technique can slow you down and lead to injury. Get your running technique analysed and corrected early.
4.    Keep your training volume & variety in check
If you are new to marathon training, don’t try and increase the volume too quickly. If you have been running for some time, vary your training & intensity. It’s not all about the long runs. Doing the same training all the time can be boring and lead to injury. Try short speed sessions, hill runs and short races. For every day of hard training, you should have a couple of easy days.
5.    Enjoy it and have fun!
Running shouldn't be a chore. It's something you do to boost your health, wellness and vitality. Let yourself enjoy it.

Got a question? Mike has the answer. Don’t forget to Tweet us your questions @sweatybetty #AskMike for Mike’s live Twitter takeover Wednesday at 1 pm
Message For Emma
By Georgia - 22nd October 2013
Emma, Do you drink much caffeine? I know some runners swear by it to get them through longer/harder runs but I find it gives me stomach cramps (and worse!!) and try to avoid caffeine for at least 24 hours before a run. I've also read in running magazines that it can cause issues. Sorry if this isn't the correct forum for my suggestion!
Thank You!
By Sweaty Betty - 22nd October 2013
Thank you Emma and Sally for your questions - tune into Twitter tomorrow at 1PM for Mike's answers.
Runners Tum
By Emma - 21st October 2013
I am about to run the Dublin Marathon (next week) and have been following a training programme and feel pretty well prepared. The only problem that I have been having is the more I run, the more issues I have had with 'runners tum'. At a recent half marathon I had to stop 5 times for a loo stop. I have taken gluten and lactose out of my diet, which has helped a bit, but I am still having some issues. I don't want this to stop me running distances. Any ideas??
By Sally Bird - 20th October 2013
hello mike, I've been running for about 2 years now, I started it to lose weight and now I just love it. I've done 2 half marathons around about in the same time, how can I increase in my speed without losing the fun of it x
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