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Are You Listening to Your Body?

posted on Saturday, 6th March 2010 | find under Fitness

I'm just finishing writing my first book, and I realised how little I'd been posting on here recently....So, what is my book about? It's about the importance of listening to your body and your feelings.

Having healed many different areas of my own life, and having had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people over the last few years, to create vibrant health, satisfying work, and fulfiling relationships and lives that they love, I know that our thoughts and feelings are the key to healing our pain and our problems. Why is this? Your body is always talking to you. And within you there is an inner guidance system, which I call "The Emotional Guidance System." When you listen to and connect with your emotions and feelings, you can become conscious of your thoughts and your beliefs. If you are feeling stressed, tired, depressed or joyful - YOUR BODY IS COMMUNICATING AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO YOU. Listen to it! Everything manifests in your feelings and emotions first. But if you leave it unaddressed, it may then manifest in your physical body or physical life as a disease or even an unexpected car accident, that will serve as a wake up call! Make the appropriate changes now, otherwise you may find your body speaking louder trying to get your attention. Inevitably, your body will get your attention: it always starts gently, but the pain increases until you can no longer ignore what is obviously trying to get your attention. The "healing call" is one of learning more about yourself, what you are capable of achieving and growth to become  an even better, more loving, and more compassionate human being....

Ask yourself now, "if my body had a message for me, what might it be?"

There is much innate wisdom within your body and your heart.

Let them guide you to your truth, health and happiness.

Katrina on Are You Listening to Your Body?
By Katrina - 28th September 2010
Awwwww, thanks Therese.... LOVE YOU xxx
Therese on Are You Listening to Your Body?
By Therese - 28th September 2010
Excited about the book! x
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