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Another Reason To Enter A Triathlon In 2014

posted on Wednesday, 7th May 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
Here at Sweaty Betty, we've taken it upon ourselves to help you conquer this year's triathlons, so we enlisted the help of double Olympian and former European Triathlon Champion Michelle Dillon. As the winner of the 220 Triathlon Coach of the Year Award 2010, Michelle is the absolute authority on all things triathlon.

Not only is this incredible athlete hosting tonight's Take On The Triathlon event, outlining her top training tips and race-day advice, but she will even be hosting a live Twitter takeover on Friday 9th May from 1-2pm - giving you the chance to get your tri-questions answered from wherever you are in the world. Just use #TriTalk and @sweatybetty! (Full details here).

But that's not all. Now both Michelle and Sweaty Betty have taken their generosity up a notch - providing you with the chance to WIN A BESPOKE ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING SESSION with Michelle: two hours of tailored training dedicated to triathlons. PLUS the winner will also receive an outfit from the Sweaty Betty triathlon range, worth up to £120!

How To Enter...

Simply tell us why you've decided to tackle a triathlon - it's that easy! There are three ways to enter:

1. Look for our posts about the competition on Facebook and Instagram, and leave your comment, telling us why you've decided to tackle a triathlon. 

2. Comment on the blog below with a brief explanation of why you've decided to tackle a triathlon.

3. Tweet your reasons for tackling a triathlon using @sweatybetty and #TriTalk .

Entry to the competition closes at midday on Friday 16th May, and we will announce the winner via social media before 6pm the same day. 

Terms & Conditions
The #TriTalk Competition begins on Wednesday 7th May 2014 and will close at midday on Friday 16th May 2014. Entries should be made by commenting on specified Facebook and Instagram posts on the Sweaty Betty social media pages, or by commenting on this blog post, or via Twitter using #TriTalk and @sweatybetty. Once the competition has closed, the Sweaty Betty team will select the winner, who will be notified via social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram before 6pm on Friday 16th May 2014. The winner will receive a Sweaty Betty triathlon outfit and a two-hour, one-on-one training session with Michelle Dillon at Team Dillon Coaching in Twickenham. Sweaty Betty will not cover costs of travel. Michelle Dillon will contact the winner to arrange the training session. Please note: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not liable for any part of this competition.
Facing My Fears
By Lucy - 16th May 2014
I've decided to tackle a triathlon to prove to myself that fear does not have to hold me back in life. I believe in myself and I'm overcoming my doubts to seize this fantastic opportunity of taking part in a triathlon. Training has challenged me to face my fears of open-water swimming and riding a bike for the first time since childhood- it feels amazing to realize that I can do this!
Facing My Fears
By Lucy - 16th May 2014
I've decided to tackle a triathlon to prove to myself that fear does not have to hold me back in life. I believe in myself and I'm overcoming my doubts to seize this fantastic opportunity of taking part in a triathlon. Training has challenged me to face my fears of open-water swimming and riding a bike for the first time since childhood- it feels amazing to realize that I can do this!
Strength And Solidarity
By Celine - 14th May 2014
My father-in-law suffered a massive stroke 9 months ago and has fought so hard to recover, assisted by the incredible strength of my mother-in-law. I entered the London Triathlon (Olympic distance) through the Stroke Association and made a pact with my father-in-law that, when I complete it, I want to see him there at the finish line - a challenge for us both! I desperately want to do him and myself proud that any additional help would be greatly appreciated. If I can employ even an ounce of the strength that he has, I know I'll complete the challenge just fine.
Fresh Start: New Me
By Tamara McCombe - 14th May 2014
Whilst at university I began losing weight dramatically. After a year of misdiagnosis, serious muscle disintegration and body weight down to 6st I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I've had to rebuild my entire body and lifestyle. Although never having enjoyed running or cycling I entered the Brownlee North Tri to maintain motivation to form a balanced body and new healthy life. Hope Michelle can help!
Stronger In Mind, Stronger In Body, Stronger In Spirit
By Meera - 14th May 2014
training for my first set of triathlons this summer! pushing your body to be physically stronger changes your mind and spirit in turn - tri's are more than a multi-discipline event!
Stronger In Mind, Stronger In Body, Stronger In Spirit
By Meera - 14th May 2014
Training for and taking part in triathlons for the first time this summer. Pushing yourself to be a stronger person physically changes your mind and spirit - the tri's more than just a multi-discipline event!
Charity Triathlon Challenge
By Shelley - 14th May 2014
Myself and my closest friend entered our first triathlon only yesterday in order to raise money for Cancer Research in honour of both our beautiful mothers who have been affected by the disease. It is going to be a huge challenge to train and complete the triathlon but we know that every ounce of blood, sweat and tears will be worth it for such a great cause, and the sense of personal achievement at the end will be fantastic! Growing up together we were both chubby teenagers but have both worked hard over the last years to become really active and healthy, so this challenge feels like a great next step. Now we just need to get training...
Fighting Back
By Katy - 13th May 2014
After finding the power of running to help manage my mental health, I had 2 children and have been medication free for 5 years. In November 2013, a year after my son was born, I had to admit I was having a major relapse. I have struggled to get through and when I eventually started to feel like a person again in April, someone who inspires me asked if I fancied a triathlon... Her words, 'if I can do it, you can'. I'd had a glass of wine and signed up. The challenge has helped me pull myself back in to living again, rather than existing. I'm a terrible swimmer and haven't cycled for years, and slightly scared I might drown... But this Sunday will come and go, and I know I have overcome bigger things than this! So send your vibes my way Sunday, and never underestimate your sanity, or your ability to be active. Precious gifts indeed.
Ironman You Mean Ironwoman!!
By Helen - 13th May 2014
I'm tackling the big one for my friend Imi whose got breast cancer, we will beat this girls:)
My Reason To Tri
By Jennifer Passaretti - 13th May 2014
Having recently spent 5 months on bed rest while pregnant with my second beautiful baby boy, that challenge reached a peak. I persevered, and I am stronger mentally and physically. More importantly, I realized my passion for fitness. I have decided to use this passion to help others overcome their challenges in late 2013 I left my job in Technology marketing to pursue a career in personal training. My reason for trying the Triathlon is to continue challenging myself physically and mentally. It is an amazing feeling to take control of your health, your body and your life. And this Olympic Triathlon is another step forward.
Might As Well...Give It A Tri!
By Loren - 13th May 2014
We're all fighting our own battles, so you wont get a sob story from me. Everyone training for a tri deserves this amazing prize, as we are all contributing to the ultimate goal of making ourselves better - the most focused, determined and healthy we can be. Congratulations to us all for giving it a go!!
Diary Of A Wimp Of A Mother
By Karen - 13th May 2014
At 50 it's a case of use it or loose it. I'm nervous of the water and I'm nervous of the ride and I'm sick of being nervous! Help and encouragement in equal measures are needed.
Transition To The Triathlon World
By Selena GT - 13th May 2014
Something that I would really like out of this opportunity is to bring the sport of triathlon into the light within the younger realm. I've noticed that not a lot of people understand how much training must be done. Triathlon is one of the most grueling events out there since it combines three sports into one. Being a senior in high school I had to do a senior project and what I decided to do was to train for a triathlon and complete one by the end of the summer. I ended up completing four within the time of my project and I also wrote a paper on the technological advancements within the sport. If anyone is interesting in watching my Senior Project presentation or even reading my paper on the technological advancements my presentation is on the link below: http://blogs.ross.org/sgarciatorres14/ I would really love this opportunity and I hope that whoever gets this will take this and spread what they learn with everyone around them!
Ironman Dreams
By Harriet - 12th May 2014
Just after my 40th birthday I entered Ironman Austria. A birthday present from me to me! I want to see just how far my body and mind can take me. On 29th June 2014 (less than 7 weeks away) I'll be swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running a full marathon, 26.2 miles. I'd absolutely love to win a one-on-one with Michelle to get me in the zone before my big challenge! :-)
By Gillian Green - 11th May 2014
I am 57 and never run a triathlon but have decided to do so to prove to myself I am fit enough at this ripe old age to do so. I have lost a lot of weight (was a size 22 now a 10/12) and did run some 10k races before a broke my ankle in three places so have just returned to fitness after that gruelling episode and decided to go for it. A session with Michelle would be a dream.
My First Triathlon
By Laura - 11th May 2014
Having completed several marathons I was looking for a new challenge so decided to try a triathlon. The training has been tough and not having cycled for years, riding a bike... well it isn't really 'like riding a bike' but it has been fun. Michelle's talk at Sweaty Betty Soho last wednesday was packed with good tips and I'm sure I've done the right thing. Can't wait for my first tri!
Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
By PT Mollie - 11th May 2014
I am doing the Thames Turbo sprint tri as part of my fundraising effort for Rods Racing (rodsracing.org). We raise funds for orphans with Down Syndrome, which is a cause close to my heart. I would love any and all tips to improve my time.
If He Can Swim The Channel...I Can Do This!
By Kiki - 10th May 2014
I'm bonkers enough to tackle the London Triathlon (Olympic distance no less) in support of a friend who will be swimming the English Channel in 2015 for (amongst other charities), Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, a charity very close to his heart, and mine too. I'm the last person in the world that anyone would expect to do a triathlon, but if he can swim the Channel then I can definitely pour everything I have into this Triathlon - wish me luck!
#Tritalk - Why I Want To Tackle A Triathlon.
By Hannah Jemi - 9th May 2014
For the last couple of years I've been running, swimming and cycling my way to good health and fitness. As a teenager I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and underwent a successful course of chemotherapy. I'm currently 7 years in remission, but there are still ongoing effects of the chemo that I'm dealing with one of which is currently lowered heart functionality. I'm doing everything in my ability to give my body the best possible chance of living a long life by regularly working out and eating healthy. I started out running and ran 10K for the first time this year. Last year I borrowed my boyfriend's road bike and my love of cycling has blossomed - I just can't get enough. Swimming is probably my weakest discipline, but I don't think you can beat summer swimming in an outdoor lake. I'm hoping to complete my first triathlon this year, I know it will be a massive achievement!
Tri Competition
By Georgie Shand - 9th May 2014
Sorry this is brief. in between things. So why I want to do it. No time to train, stress with work, and fancy learning a few tips from the best! Thanks :)
Why I Want To Do A Triathlon
By Clare - 9th May 2014
Doing a triathlon is part of my plan to have a baby. No, hear me out. I turned 30 in 2012 and realised it was going to be many years before me and my husband could start a family. You see we need a house first, and living in Surrey, that is a long term goal. So I decided the best thing I could do in the meantime was to keep as fit and healthy as possible and so I started looking for a challenge. Watching the Brownlee brothers surging through Hyde Park at London 2012, I told my husband that I wanted to do a triathlon. He just laughed and said 'But you can't run!' So I bought myself a decent pair of running shoes and set out to prove him wrong. In November 2012 I completed a mini Indoor Tri and I've done 3 sprint tris since then, all with pool-based swims. My ultimate goal is to complete an Olympic distance and overcome my fear of jumping in a lake to do an open water swim. That would surely stand me in good stead for jumping in at the deep end if and when a baby comes along?
By Liz Lowe - 9th May 2014
It naively signed up for the Blenheim super sprint triathlon whilst pregnant, as we were due to be married seven months post baby and I thought a challenge would be good motivation to get back to fitness. Little did I realise that washing my hair would become challenge enough, and that the thought of a bicycle seat would spark nightmares. A few months on though and I have begun a little training and am looking forward to the event. I could however use a little help!
Coming Back!
By Nicki T - 9th May 2014
I had to have a knee op in 2012 and had a place for London Marathon in 2013, sadly I had to pull out because it was not ready and along with my physio we decided that 26.2 miles is probably the wrong distance for knee. So I am committing to sticking to 10k distance but I am now starting to do triathlon because it allows me to cross train, have lots of fun with different disciplines and only run up to 10k! Perfect…now need to conquer open water!
Get Into It!
By jessica - 7th May 2014
Its time for me to move past the 5ks and step up a notch. This is the year of my selfishness and fitness is one of my goals (plus a fully kitted out sb wardrobe!)
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