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Ambassador Charlie Morgan on the rise of healthy holidays

posted on Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 | find under Fitness, Travel

Respected yogi and the Sweaty Betty Ambassador behind last year’s #30DaySweat stretch challenge, Charlie Morgan is our go-to expert for learning more about yoga and advancing our practice. So to celebrate this Wednesday's launch of the new Yoga Retreat range, we asked Charlie to indulge us in a personal story about her own experience with healthy holidays…

Charlie Morgan Yoga Ambassador

Yoga and detox retreat holidays are massively on the boom. Instead of taking a week off to sit in the sun, overeat and overdrink, people are becoming more and more drawn towards ‘healthy holidays’. Most of my clients report that they’re working harder than ever, spending crazy amounts of time behind computer screens and generally struggling to maintain a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. As a result of this, their minds and bodies are craving a detox when they are finally able to enjoy some time off. And once you’ve experienced one detox, most find it so revitalising that it becomes a top priority when spending their annual leave. 

A few summers ago, after working like a beaver for several months and not taking a holiday, I flew to Bali hoping to enjoy a couple of weeks of yoga and sunbathing. I visited a friend of mine who was living there at the time, and the second she spotted the dark circles under my eyes she posted me through the doors of one of the island’s best 7 day detox retreats.

Initially I was reluctant. I had always believed a detox retreat would be a little dull, and, especially as I’m a real foodie. But I soon learned otherwise… 

The daily routine consisted of: waking up, checking your pH levels, drinking a cup of hot water and lemon and taking a handful of supplements. We then had a gentle yoga and meditation session before taking more vitamins and drinking a nutritious shake. Most afternoons entailed a nutrition talk, which was followed by the most sumptuous yoga nidra (I am still convinced that I floated off of my mat during one of the sessions) I’ve ever experienced. Finally, in the evenings we were 'treated' to a vegetable broth – which was admittedly pretty unpalatable but definitely felt cleansing. 

The detox was hands down one of the most challenging things I have ever accomplished in my life, but words cannot describe how incredible I felt afterwards. Everything from the whites of my eyes to the colour of my gums was sharper and more vibrant. My energy stores were amplified and my mind was weightless and clear.

In light of this life-changing experience, I have been eager to share what I learnt in Bali with others. This summer, I will be teaming up with the amazing Gogashala and Jamie Meek from Glo Juice UK to run my own detox retreats in sunny Ibiza.

Charlie Morgan Yoga Retreat

Glo Juice UK have helped me plan a delicious daily menu to clean and energise the body. A typical day of juicing will look like this:

  • 4 x freshly pressed juices and smoothies
  • 1 x homemade nut milk
  • 1 x SOS (piece of fruit or something raw)
  • 1 x apple and ginger shot
  • 1 x warm water and lemon
  • Herbal teas, electrolytes, psyllium husks and water available throughout the day

Why do a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse allows you to take a break from the typical stresses your body encounters when digesting the foods you consume. By taking this break and flooding your body with vital nutrients, it can focus on eliminating toxins that have built up over time through diet and lifestyle.

To name just a few, here are 10 benefits of a juice cleanse:

  • Give your stomach and digestive system a break
  • Rest the liver (yep, that means no alcohol)
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Increase stamina and energy
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Enhance your sleep quality
  • Give your skin, nails and hair a radiant glow
  • Change your attitude towards food
  • Reduce physical problems
  • Lose weight

Add twice daily yoga practice and your body is going to feel amazing! If you’d like more information about my Ibiza detox retreats, please visit gogashala.com. Exclusive to Sweaty Betty members, use the code TC15M to get £50 off when booking. And shop the Yoga Retreat range online and in-store for a holiday capsule collection that streamlines your packing and helps you make the most of your practice abroad.


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