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All my news and some tips as well!

posted on Friday, 10th September 2010 | find under 

Danielle Collins Training Newsletter

BA hons (ed.), SNHS (dip.PRT), SNHS (nut.), BSYA
The U.K's leading Face Yoga expert
Qualified and insured Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Professional Relaxation Therapist
 Tel: 07890 298915    Email: danielle@daniellecollinstraining.com
Website: www.daniellecollinstraining.com and www.faceyogatraining.com

Autumn 2010

Welcome to the Autumn newsletter from Danielle Collins Training. Hope you are well and have had a good summer. Thank you to all who have requested the newsletter. If you haven't requested this or would no longer like to receive it please reply with the word 'STOP' (apologies if you have ask for it to previously to be stopped). If this has been forwarded to you by a friend or colleague and you would like to regularly receive it please reply to this email with the word 'NEWSLETTER'.

This newsletter will keep you up to date on new events and news as well as provide helpful tips and advice.

Nutrition tip:
Remember that snacking is good. Eating little and often keeps our blood sugar levels stable meaning we are less likely to feel stressed, gain weight or experiences energy slumps. But remember that it must be the right foods as junk food will have the opposite effect. Try a few unsalted nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, oatcakes with houmous, rice cakes with a little fish, natural yogurt or for an essential protein boost try slices of lean meat such as cooked chicken or turkey.

National News

Spokesperson for Nintendo

I am delighted to announce that I am the spokesperson for the Nintendo DS brand new Face Training Game. After the great success of Brain Training Nintendo are bringing out an instructional fun and easy to use programme of Face Exercises. I will be speaking to the press at The Sanderson Hotel in London's West End next week.....so look out for me in newspapers, magazines and on TV very soon!

The Weakest Link

Last week I had a fun day in at BBC Scotland in Glasgow as a contestant on The Weakest Link. The show was a special health and beauty experts special named 'Body Beautiful'. You will have to wait to the new year to see how I got on when the show airs. But let's just say, I think I need to brush up on my general knowledge a bit!

In the mean time take a look at my other videos on Youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YtLoEyEicE

Plus a big thanks to everyone for their lovely feedback from my appearance on The David Dickinson Show in May.

Press Coverage

This month I am in a few health magazines. Just click on the links below and then double click on the article.

Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine: http://www.daniellecollinstraining.com/images/stories/30-secondyogadouble.jpg

BodyFit Magazine: http://www.daniellecollinstraining.com/images/stories/bodyfit-shapeupplan.jpg

Healthy Living Magazine: http://www.daniellecollinstraining.com/images/stories/yourhealthylivingdouble.jpg

Face Yoga Products

If you fancy a natural way to turn back the years then check out the new face yoga products available to buy on my website now. Why not try the updated Face Yoga CD with new exercises and step by step photos or the face yoga wall chart with all the face yoga exercises and colour photographs?. For more information please visit www.faceyogatraining.com

Sweaty Betty Blog

Every week I write a blog for luxury women's sportswear brand, Sweaty Betty. The blog provides stories, tips and advice on health and wellbeing with a particular focus on Yoga and fashion. To visit the blog, click the link below and you can add your email address to be alerted each time a new blog entry is written. Also, there is a comments page so it would be great if you could add your thoughts. Hope you enjoy it!

Over the last few years I have had many requests to make Relaxation, Yoga and Pilates C.D's so you can practice at home between sessions, classes and workshops. The following C.D's are for sale-
Relaxation - includes seated tension-relieving exercises and gentle chair yoga poses, breathing techniques, guided visualisation, body relaxation, and other deep relaxation techniques.
Yoga (gentle or advanced or antenatal)- a one hour class including a range of yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation.
Pilates- a one hour class of pilates exercises to tone, strengthen the core, improve back problems, re-balance, build flexibility and strength.

Each C.D is £8.50 (plus £1 p&p if you need it posted). If you would like one or more C.D (s) please reply to this email with the name of the C.D you would like and your name and address.

Wellbeing tip:
If you find you suffer from low energy at any time in the day, try the yoga technique, the 'Ha' breath. Go somewhere quiet and take a deep breath in through your nose, raising your arms above your head. Then take deep breath out through your mouth, making a 'Ha' sound and bend forward as you do this. Repeat 5 times. You will be amazed how you feel detoxified, revitalized and ready to face the day again.

Bath fitness and wellbeing

Face Yoga Workshop

I will be teaching a Face Yoga Workshop on Saturday 18th September 2-5pm at Yoga Bodhi in Bath. The workshop will teach you face yoga, include lots of yoga for the body as well as relaxation and meditation techniques. It will be a lovely relaxing afternoon and you will gain lots of information and knowledge to take away with you. It is suitable for all levels and costs just £30.. To book call Yoga Bodhi on 01225 464 848

New Pilates Classes

I have two new classes for Autumn. Tuesdays at 12.15 until 1.15 at Yoga Bodhi and Saturdays at 11.30 until 12.30 at the YMCA. Yoga Bodhi will start next week and the YMCA class on October 9th. If you have any queries regarding the classes, drop me an email

One to One sessions

I offer one to one Yoga and Pilates sessions in Bath as well as London. Your session will be tailored specifically for you. It is a great opportunity to learn about Yoga and Pilates at your pace or to advance your current practice in a way that meets your goals. I also offer 1:1 in nutrition ,wellbeing coaching and face yoga as well as a range of group classes  For more information on 1:1 and classes see my website.www.daniellecollinstraining.com

Final Thought
I hope you have enjoyed the tips and the information in the newsletter. Here's a final wellbeing tip for you:

Take your fave holiday photo and set it as your screen saver, homepage or desktop. That way, every time you put on your computer your mind can be instantly transferred back to how you felt when you were there. In the neuro linguistic programming (NLP) field this technique is called 'anchoring' and it is simply about linking your thoughts to an image to bring about certain positive feelings.

Danielle x

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