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A new start for me

posted on Saturday, 26th March 2011 | find under Fitness
Hey Betties,

I’ve not been on here for a month which is bad of me – and not exactly the best way to create a good impression with you lot! – but it’s been a time of big changes for me so I hope you’ll understand.

In three weeks, my bloke and I have very amicably gone our separate ways after almost six years together and I’ve moved out of our house and into a new flat. Between the flat-searching, moving, unpacking, general home-making and work, it’s been hectic and I’m feeling a little burnt out (hence why I’m blogging on a Saturday night rather than hitting the town).

While I’ll admit I’ve been a bit sad, I’m also very excited about my new future. They say a change is as good as a holiday so we’ll see! It’s also at times like this that I'm reminded how lucky I am to have such an amazing family and a  fab bunch of friends  who’ve all really rallied round to smooth the transition and give lots of support.

I haven’t had much time for exercise these past weeks, but lugging hundreds of boxes up a flight of stairs has probably helped me keep the pounds off because, despite my drinking a fair few glasses of wine ‘all by myself’ Bridget Jones-style, I’ve maintained my weight-loss.

Funnily enough, the one thing I keep thinking is that I’m so glad I lost the weight for me (and not for my partner, which I think some of us women can be guilty of). Achieving a goal to be proud of certainly helps to keep you going when everything else seems a bit, well ...  you know ... crap!

Health permitting, I’ll be heading back to the gym on Monday, which I’m happy to report is only a 10-minute walk away now I’ve moved. No excuses now!

P.S: Hope you're as excited as me about 'springing forward' tonight! Here's to lovelier weather and making the most of our lighter evenings!

Jo x
Change Is Good
By Sarah - 20th April 2011
Looking forward to follow your new adventurous! Change is good. x
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