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A Big Catch Up....

posted on Monday, 15th November 2010 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
Hello! I am sorry I have not had a chance to post recently!
Since I last blogged I hve competed in two World Cups. The first was in Portugal and I felt like this was my first proper outing fully fit. I was much better prepared and competed my first routine very well but although I completed the second routine- it didn't quite go to plan and I had to make changes during the routine in order to get through it. I was pleased and positive with how the competition went, but realistic in that I knew I just needed more competitions to get my game face back!

A week later I was in Germany at the Salzgitter World Cup. This was a huge improvement from Portugal! My training was brilliant and I felt much more confident! I marched out, presented to the judges and was ready to go. I executed another good first routine and scored well and my second routine was great- up until the last move where I hit the mat! That meant I was marked out of 9 skills instead of 10. Strangely, I didn't feel frustrated- or disappointed with landing on the mat. I knew I had let the brakes off, went for it and tried my hardest and shown off some really good form and skills! This competition was also trialling out the new aspect to the judging/scoring process- flight time. This is the smount of time you spend in th air and will be added onto our form scores starting next season. I achieved the second highest flight time in my first routine and we worked out my second as the highest in the competition. I was really pleased and that was without working on my height! I was really looking forward to getting back into training!

I might have hit the mat but I actually felt really proud of myself for coming through this awful season a stronger person and athlete. I started the season competing a 13.3 difficulty in February, got injured and was out of action for 5 months- and then came back into competition with a 14.4 difficulty. It has been tough and a huge test to my character and motivation to succeed, but I have improved despite the time out and now just need this 4 months before the season starts again to work each move technically, compose new routines and get myself ready for what I am hoping will be a successful year for me :)

I have just come back from another squad in Bath. Last week Ruddy- our Strength and Conditioning coach came to where I had to do my jump testing on the floor. Bec- the analyst filmed every angle when I am jumping and then they both go away and look at the footage in slow mo. I had said that since coming back from my knee injury I had been casting to the side slightly and it was making me off balance. I have felt like I have been fighting with myself to stay in control and my coach and I have been trying to work out why this was happening- which part of my body was causing the cast but we just couldn't see anything! Anyway, at the squad Ruddy and Bec had found out why I had been casting- thanks to high def camera's and slow motion! On all the jump testing, I was casting very slightly to the side because I had been landed slightly heavier on my 'good' leg and had been sort of twitching my other leg.

On the vertical jumps you could see that I was having to move my hips and shoulders to adjust and balance myself again. Watching in full speed- you just can't see any of it! Ruddy says that it is more of a mental thing and where I had pain before I changed my posture to feel more comfortable. It's like someone who has broken their leg- they can develop a slight limp! It's all in my unconcious mind because I had no idea I was doing it! It was brilliant to see it all so clearly on the screen and now we know exactly what it is, we can fix it easily! The support team is amazing, without them this year I definitely would not be back training at the intensity I am now (in fact, I would probably still be injured!) and that was an example of how they can make a difference!

Also at the squad I got my new S & C programme and will have a new nutrition plan to go with it. I am also looking forward to my first photo and film shoot in which I will of course be modelling my Sweaty Betty gear! As soon as I have the photo's I will put them on here  

Speak soon    

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