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5 Reasons Body By Simone is this year’s hottest dance cardio workout

posted on Thursday, 24th September 2015 | find under Tamara

After three weeks of fully booked in-store classes across the UK and East Coast USA, plus nearly 20,000 online workout views, Sweaty Betty’s #GetFit4Free #BodyBySimone workout has proved a phenomenal success. Addictive dance choreography and effective high-rep conditioning delivers a full-body workout that connects people from around the world. You’ve shared your experiences on social media, and we’ve loved seeing you get hooked on the ‘Sim Shimmy’. To remind you why the new Get Fit 4 Free campaign is taking the world by storm, we’ve rounded up five reasons Body By Simone is this year’s hottest dance cardio workout.

Simone De La Rue Sweaty Betty

Simone wears Isolate Workout Capris and Count Dance Crop

Endless endorphins

Simone’s high-energy, upbeat music sets the tone for an inspiring workout. From remixes of Barry White classics to modern day Calvin Harris hits, the rhythm is intoxicating and the matching movements elicit a rush of endorphins like no other. For that post-workout feel-good factor, Body By Simone is unbeatable.

Effective and time-efficient

Body By Simone is a full body workout, using high-rep conditioning and little more than your own bodyweight to strengthen and tone for a head-to-toe dancer’s physique. Every exercise flows seamlessly to the next, keeping the heart rate high and the muscles under tension for both cardiovascular and strengthening benefits. Think toned arms, flat chiselled abs and a lifted bum (Jane Fonda style).

LA to London

LA is famous for its countless fitness trends and its focus on every aspect of health and wellbeing. Active living is the status quo on the West Coast (much like it is for Sweaty Betty) and Body By Simone has long had cult status among its Hollywood regulars. It has also been rumoured that Simone has her eye on a new studio in London (you heard it here first), so consider #GetFit4Free a taste of more great things to come. 

Simone knows best

Alongside her studio regulars in LA and NYC, Simone has a dedicated celebrity following including the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. If these fiercely fit ladies aren’t enough to inspire you, Simone’s own abs should prove plenty of inspiration. A former stage dancer, she knows how to train like a dancer and has effectively demonstrated the benefits of her workout with her own chiselled-to-perfection figure.

Simone De La Rue Sweaty Betty

Simone wears Pirouette Dance Cami, California Girl Vest and Jive Dance Capris

Free and accessible

Need we say more? Next week’s final in-store class (bookable on Monday 28 September) is free of charge and open to everyone. Simply book online, or watch the home workout video to fit it around other commitments. It’s Body By Simone on tap.

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