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4 Essential Tips for your Triathlon

posted on Friday, 1st July 2011 | find under Fitness

Any tri novices out there (I'm thinking of you Audrey, about to do the Shock Absorber Triathlon at Dorney Lake on Saturday), here are my 4 top tips for the day before/actual day which I found really helpful when I did my first one and was terrified!
1.       Set out all your kit (which should be in a bag or box) the night before and run through each transition so that you know you have everything prepared, haven’t forgotten anything and can do it without panicking during the race.

2.       Walk the course in the transition area before the start of the race.  Especially somewhere like Dorney Lake there are thousands of bikes all racked up in lots of rows. It is a good idea to walk to swim start, then from swim exit to where your bike is racked, then to bike exit.  Finally to bike entrance and then to run exit.

3.       If you are doing laps, make sure to wear a watch or lap counter in case you forget how many laps     
you have done (it is up to you to count them).

4.       There are lots of cameras everywhere so make sure to smile even if you feel like dying!
Top Tip #5
By Audrey - 1st July 2011
Tip number 5: do not let your 3 year old play with your swimming goggles the day before the race. Bad idea, very bad idea. And if you do...let me tell you now: they are in your husband's (left) trainer (that will save you 2h!). Other than that, I am very excited about tomorrow. Time to beat (Tamara's!) 1:19:40...knowing I still can't swim, you might be safe Tamara!!!
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