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Sweaty Betty's 2016 hot workout predictions

posted on Tuesday, 22nd December 2015 | find under Fitness
If 2015 was the year of Barry’s Bootcamp, barre and spin, then 2016 looks set to be filled wtih even more energetic workouts. From the exercise favoured by supermodels to Pilates with a twist, Sweaty Betty has predicted how you will be changing up your workout routine in the months to come.

2016 workout predictions

Get ready to rumble

As the workout favoured by supermodels Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, boxing and boxing-inspire workouts are having a serious moment. One of the few forms of exercise to seamlessly fuse cardio with full-body training, this intense form of exercise significantly improves hand-eye coordination, while toning and enhancing posture. If you’re keen to try it, keep an eye out in January 2016 for Sweaty Betty’s exclusive Get Fit For Free campaign with London studio 1Rebel. It’s a knockout… 

It’s time to go mega

Described as ‘Pilates meets Barry’s Bootcamp’, the Megaformer has taken the US by storm since its conception in 2001. A favourite with Sweaty Betty Founder Tamara, the Megaformer blends Pilates with cardio and strength training for a serious workout. Popular at SLT in New York and The Studio MDR in LA, Studio Lagree has recently opened in London, bringing this core-sculpting workout to British shores. 

Fitness just got faster

Alongside more unusual workouts, such as underwater cycling and doga (dog yoga), expect to see a return to simplicity in 2016. Treadmill training or indoor group running has been slowly gaining momentum, with everyone from bigger chains such as Equinox to smaller studios like Mile High Run Club in New York launching treadmill-based classes. Designed to improve running through speed, incline and interval drills, a controlled yet challenging environment means runners can focus on form and chase down a new PB.

Get rolling

When training with high intensities and heavy weights, it is important to prepare your soft tissues for exercise and give them time to repair. Expect to see an even larger emphasis on stretching post-workout, whether this means attending restorative yoga or using a foam roller to enhance performance and prevent aches. With an increased focus on mindful exercise, a number of studios including LA Fitness in the UK, AKT Motion in New York and UEvolution in LA have added foam roller classes to their schedule to improve flexibility and recovery.


Ask any Australian fitness blogger how she stays in shape and they’ll quickly answer F45. A 45 minute class combining strength and conditioning, Functional 45 Training guarantees that you’ll never do the same workout twice. With plans to expand to the USA, England and Asia over the next 12 months, this is the result-driven trend to watch.

Wearable tech

The need to measure every step, mile and workout isn’t going anywhere. In fact, wearable tech is set to reach a new level in 2016. A recent survey by Rackspace proved that wearables improved athletes overall fitness, motivating them to go that extra mile. With a range of fitness tech on the market from underwater headphones to Sweaty Betty’s go-to for multi-function workout tracking - the Tom Tom Spark Music Cardio Watch - we wonder what can possibly be next?

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