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What are Sweaty Betty clubs?

Empowering women through fitness is Sweaty Betty’s primary aim. That’s why every week, at every boutique we host free clubs to inspire our local communities to get active. After hours boutiques morph into fitness studios: rails are pushed aside, lights are dimmed and the music is turned up. From body attack to Pilates, running to yoga, find your nearest free club and call (membership card to hand) to book a place.


Where can I find a Sweaty Betty club?

All of our shops have at least one (highly covetable) workout club which are free of charge, so it is best to check with each of our shops directly for dates, times and availability. Please check out the shops page for contact details. Alternatively visit our clubs page for more information and contact details.


Who can attend your clubs?

Anyone can attend Sweaty Betty clubs and they are all free. Simply sign up as a member in one of ou shops.


How do I become a Sweaty Betty member?

Next time you are in a Sweaty Betty boutique ask one of the team to sign you up. It’s quick, easy and free.


What is Get Fit 4 Free?

Get Fit 4 Free is a month long community campaign pioneered by Sweaty Betty to engage with communities and empower women through fitness. All Sweaty Betty boutiques offer free exercise classes for Sweaty Betty members all year long, however the biannual Get Fit 4 Free campaign aims to bring to the forefront new fitness trends and dynamic instructors along with a fresh challenge to the Sweaty Betty community.

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