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september 2008 yoga survey results

Top answers to survey question "Can yoga change your life?" in our October 2008 survey

"YES, I became a Tatty Bumpkin Toddler Yoga teacher after the birth of my son 3 years ago and now teach a group of babies and toddlers yoga every Friday morning and also special workshops. I love it and am totally inspired by 10 to 12 little people all doing Sun Salutation and Downward dog. My son is just wonderful at demonstrating all the moves and so flexible, as he slowly lifts his foot up to his ear and talks in his telephone pose. I am totally converted to the love and calm it brings and most of all the smiles giggles and fun the class delivers."

"Absolutely! 7 years ago I was stressed out in the city, smoking & drinking. Then I discovered yoga. 7 years on and I have a whole new life. My stress levels have dropped dramatically. I have dropped a dress size and I have learnt to let go of the things that were dragging me down. Oh yeah, and I am now a yoga teacher, helping others to get fit, be happy and enjoy a stress-less life."

"Sure can! After many sports injuries I have found that yoga keeps my core strength enabling me to play tennis & ride without injuring myself further!"

1. How often do you practise yoga?
    Response Percent
Ashram Addict – been to India, perfected the scorpion pose, daily ritual Response equal to 5   5%
Chakra Cheerleader – mastering meditation, middle of the class yoga mat, a few times a week Response equal to 30   30%
Young Yogi – sleeping in savasana, wobbling in tree pose, once a week Response equal to 51   51%
Drop out Dora – not my thing, prefer a good boxercise class, never Response equal to 14   14%
2. Yoga versus Pilates?
    Response Percent
Completely converted, Pilates is my new vice Response equal to 13   14%
Dividing my time between the two Response equal to 29   29%
Been to a few classes, but will stick with Yoga Response equal to 24   24%
Yoga fan through and through Response equal to 33   33%
3. How do you fit yoga into your busy lifestyle?
    Response Percent
At my local gym in a rush between work and going out Response equal to 25   25%
First thing in the morning in my living room with a DVD Response equal to 22   22%
At a sweatyBetty Yoga Club Response equal to 1   1%
Calmly in a studio where I forget about the world for an hour Response equal to 52   52%
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