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Wipe out those doubts!

posted on Sunday, 23rd January 2011 | find under Nutrition
This week I have been having a lot of doubts and negative thoughts about this year, my training and my future. I really piled the pressure on myself and it felt like there was a brick wall on my head weighing me down! I think I am just anxious and nervous before the season starts in Feb because I just want to do well after my injury ridden season last year! I felt panicky about the future and what would happen if I failed to qualify for the Worlds or Olympics, how would I deal with that and thinking that everyone would see me/ what I do as a failure. I had a really good chat with our psychologist Pete and felt much better after! He said it was totally normal to feel anxious and pressured but to listen to the doubts then cancel them out with facts and evidence. So, for me I guess I was worried about not getting through my routines- or not performing, Instead of allowing myself to roll that thought around in my head I should just look at all the times I have got through my routines and all the training I have done and just cancel out the doubt that way- you cant argue with facts and stats!!

I also had an exciting trip to The House of Lords on Thurs to a Team 2012 function. Some of the guests included rower Matt Pinsent and Dragon Duncan Bannatyne! I never thought I would ever be invited to the House of Lords! I met other athletes including boxer Nicola Adams, canoeist Fiona Pennie and hockey player James Tindalll. It was a really nice evening- and I had fun getting around London! It's a different world compared to the quiet, laid back West Country!! It was a fab experience and I was very lucky to go!

Just thought id share a little vid of my bouncing if you were wondering what my training is all about :)

Go Laura!
By Tk Kahed - 26th January 2011
Go Laura! x
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