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Where Yang Meets Yin: Nahid de Belgeonne talks yoga, good vibes & how she finds her zen

posted on Wednesday, 6th November 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness
Sweaty Betty is inviting the founder of London's Good Vibes Studio, Nahid de Belgeonne, to lead a restorative Yang & Yin Yoga class as part of November's Guest Instructor Event. Before next week's class, she shares what led her to founding the studio and what makes Yang & Yin different from other yoga practices. 
Tell us about your history with yoga and what led you to founding Good Vibes.
I walked out of a stressful but very well paid job. To avert the panic of how to pay my mortgage, I booked myself a yoga holiday in Turkey. I was lucky that it was with master teacher Simon Low - the week had a really profound effect on me, showing me there was another way to be. 

When I returned to London I continued with a regular yoga practice but missed the muscle tone from my earlier kickboxing and running regime. I heard about Power Plates and started using them. I learned very quickly that they worked! What I did was to put them in boutique studios, opening the first independent Power Plate studio in the UK in 2006 - and Good Vibes was born.

Glow yoga and Pilates in the first infrared heated studios in Europe opened up two years ago along with Spincycle. Do a combination of all of our classes and you’ll be in the best shape both physically and mentally. We now have two Central London studios, in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia.

What inspires you most?
I love being outdoors with the beauty of the changing seasons, and of course I'm inspired by creativity and ideas. Anyone can buy things, but can you dream, hope and love? That’s when people are interesting.

Why take Yang & Yin over other yoga classes?
Because yoga is a healing practice. We are addicted to action and forget about the equally important relaxation of the body and mind.  A Glow Yang & Yin class by candlelight is a fluid flow, followed by restorative poses and ending with yoga nidra, a guided meditation also known as yogic sleep.

What is your favourite kind of class to teach? 
I love teaching the mindful hatha flow yoga of Yang & Yin with a restorative element to it. My teaching is about intelligent sequences, the quality of the movement and a smooth breath. I am influenced by other movement practices such as Pilates and martial arts and weave these into my teaching.

What are your favourite asanas?
I love all versions of revolving twists. I find the detoxifying effect very powerful.
When you are not practising yoga, how else do you find your zen?
Walking across London rather than taking public transport, switching off my phone, films at The Curzon and laughing with friends.

Yang & Yin Yoga will take place next Wednesday, November 13 at the Islington boutique. Spaces are limited - book yours by calling the boutique at 020 7226 4051. 
By Anonymous - 3rd December 2013
Keep Running
Finding Our Yang & Yin....!
By Lynne Potter - 14th November 2013
Book now to avoid disappointment..... Love it!
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