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Warm up for a new year wardrobe workout- Evening Standard

posted on Tuesday, 11th January 2011 | find under 
January's the ime to tone up and shed those extra Christmas pounds, so make sure your exercise kit is fit for purpose...

Anyone turning up to these pages in the hope of finding a host of shiny new fashion ideas to wet their appetite for the months ahead may be a tad disapointed: we're not quite ready for all that yet. and why should we be? It's January , for God's sake, the month of doom. The weather, much like our mood (SAD cure anyone), is grey and miserable and, after scraping our cold-ridden bodies away from our mattresses in the morning, we're too downtrodden even to think about shopping for summer brights, chinos, and anything else required to enter the new season in so called style.
This in mind, our plan is to channel what little energy we have left into shopping for sportswear. Granted, the notion to get fit in January is a big fat cliché but were in dire need of a serious endorphin injection, the extra mince-pie-weight needs to be shifted and, quite frankly, how else is a girl supposed to fill the hours of this light forsaken month?
Whatever your New Year's exercise resolution- be it hitting the gym, shaking your booty at Zumba or seeking spiritual enlightenment at a yoga class- one thing is certain: shopping for your new hobby is something you should do with as much restraint as you can muster. In fact, a few key pieces is all you should need to update even the most basic workout wardrobe. While your intention may be to squeeze three spinning classes, two five mile funs and a yoga class into each week, come the end of February the novelty- like your bank balance and, with any luck, your waistline- is almost certain to be wearing thin.
As with any successful outfit, the foundation of a sports ready ensemble is a good bra. '' Most people think they can wear any old bra,'' says Tamara Hill-Norton, founder of the Sweaty Betty chain. ''But it should actually be top of the list.''
Opt for one that's bright, adaptable and a perfect fit- Nike have a wealth of options while Sweaty Betty's All Sports Bra is to gym bunnies what a stripy T-shirt from Gap is to fashion followers- Essential.
Trouser wise-, Capri leggings are a versatile option- look out for styles designed to sculpt your silhouette, says Hill-Norton. For those who plan to work out indoors for the next few months, Scandinavian brand Casall has a dynamic range of bum-skimming shorts in bright shades. 
The key to buying flattering, long lasting sportswear hinges on quality. ''Look for fabrics that take away sweat,'' suggests Hill-Norton. ''A good sweat wicking material draws moisture away from the skin and lets it evaporate on the surface.''
Opting for leggings and tops in dark colours is undoubtedly the most flattering option for curvaceous girls, although injecting a little colour into your gym look with a loose-fitting vest in a vibrant shade will also work well.
When it comes to footwear, be thorough, seeking expert advice wherever possible. A good quality pair of cross trainers, such as Reebok's Easytones, are a safe bet for those with a varied exercise regime, while a running specific style of shoe is best for pavement pounders.
Phew, we've got a sweat on just thinking about it. Shall we see you in the Gym?   

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