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Top tips for Healthy Christmas Shopping

posted on Sunday, 5th December 2010 | find under Fitness, Nutrition
If you have spent all weekend Christmas shopping, you may feel a bit worse for wear. Well don't despair! Over the next few weeks, follow these tips and make your Christmas shopping experience a healthy and relaxed one.

Get organised
Before you venture out, make a list. Write down everything you need to get that day. Keep it realistic and don't try to get every one's presents in one day. Each time you buy a present, cross it off the list and congratulate yourself for getting one job done.

Have a healthy break
Every couple of hours, make sure you take a break. Rather than grabbing a coffee and a cake, go for a fruit smoothie, a couple of unsalted nuts and a sugar free flapjack. Sugar and caffeine may give you that instant lift you feel in need of for the next half an hour, but after that you will feel yourself crashing as your blood sugar levels drop and fatigue sets in. The fruit smoothie however, will give you just enough natural sugar to give you a boost but will also give you some vitamin C to ward of all those germs flying around at the moment. By combining this with some protein in the form of nuts, you will keep your blood sugar levels stable and your energy levels up. The sugar free flapjack is packed full of B vitamins to help you cope with stress and will also keep you feeling full until your next meal.

Look up not down
This is a little secret I always share with my clients. Next time you are walking around the streets, take a few seconds to look up. You will find that this instantly takes you away from the hustle and bustle and gives you a chance to bring yourself in to a space of calm. Also, you will surprise how much you will notice... interesting architecture, cloud formations and even just blue sky. Very simple to do, but very effective at beating shopping stress.

Enjoy queuing
Queuing is an inevitable part of Christmas shopping. Rather than getting agitated and stressed in a queue, use it as a chance to relax. First, think about your posture. Pull up through the top of your head, relax your shoulders away from your ears and make sure your weight is even on both feet. Then take a deep breath in through the nose and a slightly longer breath out through the nose. Then as you continue this breathing, say to yourself 'I am calm and relaxed' three times. By the time you are ready to pay you will feel refreshed and ready for the next shop!

Don't take things too seriously
Remember Christmas shopping and giving presents is meant to be fun. If you find yourself worrying about what to get people, and whether they will like it, stop and think about the person you are buying for. Ask yourself 'would this person want me to feel anxious and stressed?'. The answer will be no! So, if you can't decide on the perfect gift, go home and relax and then when you feel calmer, go shopping again and your new frame of mind will mean the perfect gift will just jump out at you!

If you still feel in need of a little help with your Christmas shopping, take a look at my Inspiration of the Week for some extra ideas.

 photo by alliecreative

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