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Things I thought I knew, before I knew better!! Cindy where my biceps at?

posted on Monday, 6th December 2010 | find under Fitness
It was at about sixteen or seventeen that I decided my arms were way too skinny and I wanted a little tone added, so I thought I should buy Cindy Crawford’s exercise video. No DVDs in those days honies.

I stood in my living room, Argos hand weights (nice vinyl ones filled with sand) at the ready, waiting for the VCR to roll. This was it, Cindy was gonna take my arms to the moon! If anybody wanted to step up, I was gonna beat them with my new formed biceps!

So on came Cinds rockin’ the brown two-piece looking all perfect and supermodel like. Did I mention that Cindy and I have a feature in common? What, you think me a model too? Silly you. Although I can see where you’re going with that.  No ’tis the upper lip mark of beauty. Hers being the infamous mole, and my being a beauty spot. Well ok, beauty spot might be too extravagant a word. I believe freckle is the common term for what I believe likens me to Cindy. There are actually 2 freckles present, equally striking in their beauty!

Anyway, back to bicep tone-age. So I can’t even remember how long the vid lasted perhaps 30 or 40 minutes, and then I was done! Thanks Cindy, nice knowing you, we’ll catch up some time at a beauty spot convention.

Post-vid, I went on about my day, enjoying the fatigued feeling of my soon-to-grow arms! Couldn’t wait to see how they were gonna look the next day after the gruelling workout. A good night’s sleep would really bring out the tone I so desired!

The next day I approached the mirror with confidence. Which angle was I going to first flex at? Was the light going to catch my bicep or tricep better? No definitely not that angle. Hmmm not this angle. Umm or this one. Where the hell are my new arms? I did the moves! Where they be?

What is wrong with this picture Betties? How was it that I thought after one workout there should have been tone-age? But that was me, back then, thought one workout would do it!! Obviously now, one recognises ’tis one workout of many that will slowly take thine arms to the desired level of tone!

‘Before I knew’ breakdown:

Q. Can one tone the bicep with a 40 minute video (even if it is Cindy)?
A. Hell no!

Q. What type of person might think such madness?
A. A sixteen year old me, and the quick fix brigade (bet they don’t have two beauty spots…ok freckles)

Q. Is Cindy still rockin’?
A. Two words. Girl crush!!

Joslyn x
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