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"There's always free cheese in the mousetraps; but the mice there aint happy!"

posted on Tuesday, 14th June 2011 | find under Nutrition
Another busy few weeks- and getting busier!! Last week I had a squad in Bath which was good then at the weekend I was in Newcastle competing at a gala. I was really pleased with how the comp went- especially as I felt so tired and not really 'on it' at the start of the day day. Despite this I dug deep, got focussed...... and won! I got the scores to compete in the selection trials for the World Championships which are in August and September. So all positive- under pressure and feeling tired I did well! That is a big confidence booster. My synchro partner and I did well too and we have also qualifeied to compete at Nationals! Its all steady progress and I hope it continues! 
Next week I am off to Japan and China for World Cups and when we get back from that there are only 10 days before the National Championships. So.... Busy busy busy!! I am really looking forward to the experiences and I will definitely be taking my camera with me for lots of memories :) 
My boyfriend and I have also moved in together which is very exciting! Im loving it! After the comp last week we went away to Croyde for a few days as a break before China. The weather stayed ok on the fist day and we had a massive walk along the coast with the dog. We camped at a lovely campsite in Georgeham too. We had rain on our last day which was a bit rubbish but it was an awesome and much needed break.
I am feeling fit and working hard in the gym as I dont know how much strength and conditioning access we will get in China and Japan so I'm making the most of it before we go out there. I've never been to Asia before and I cannot wait to get a taster of the culture between the hotel and arena!  :)


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