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The Sweaty Betty Monday Challenge

posted on Monday, 2nd January 2017 | find under Fitness
31 days to fit

This January, you have t minus 31 days to get fitter than ever before, no excuses. Alongside free workout videos with the coolest studios and fitness experts, healthy recipes and wellness tips, we wanted to set you a challenge. As there's always room for a little competition, we want you to complete these five fitness challenges each week and record your progress via #31daystofit. Simply write down your score on the free downloadable programme and we guarantee you'll get fitter as January continues. In between sweating it out we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for you progress, there will be prizes on offer.

Wondering how to get involved? Here's what you have to do.

How many burpees can you do in a minute?

the sweaty betty challenge burpees

How long can you hold a plank for?

the sweaty betty challenge plank

How many tuck jumps can you do in a minute?

sweaty betty challenge tuck jumps

How many press ups can you do in a minute?

sweaty betty press ups

How long does it take you to run a mile?

sweaty betty challenge run a mile

Join us at sweatybetty.com/31daystofit for exclusive workouts, wellness tips, healthy recipes and more. Share your workout selfies, recipe snaps and progress with #31DaysToFit. 
By Anonymous - 16th January 2017
Starting my January fitness routine today!
By Anonymous - 9th January 2017
Let's go!!!
By Natasha - 8th January 2017
By Christine - 8th January 2017
42 tuck, 38 Burpees, 1min 14 Plank, 32 press ups (cheats!) 13 min mile
By Emma - 8th January 2017
Great idea
By Gill Vlahovic - 8th January 2017
Looking forward to the fitness programme as I am seriously overweight
By Ellen - 8th January 2017
Getting started late, but happy to join!
By Jamie Nobis - 3rd January 2017
burpees - 38 plank - 1 min 38 sec tuck jump - 45 press up - 40 1 mile 8 min 36 sec
By Lindsay - 2nd January 2017
20 1 min35 40 23 8:16
Blast Off
By Anonymous - 2nd January 2017
Can' t wait to get started!
31 Day Fit Challege
By Mae Gackstetter - 2nd January 2017
From Duluth, MN USA
By Jude - 2nd January 2017
Let's do this
By Jacqui weston - 2nd January 2017
It's going to be tough
By Louise - 2nd January 2017
Looking forward to challenges
By Clare Edwards - 2nd January 2017
I want to join the Jan 17 get fit campaign
Chip Butty
By Anonymous - 2nd January 2017
Bring it on!
Nothing To Something
By Anonymous - 1st January 2017
Starting at Zero fitness level No exercise for 5 years+
Get Fit
By Kimberly Cannon - 1st January 2017
I'm getting fit in 2017!
Get Fit
By Kimberly Cannon - 1st January 2017
I'm getting fit in 2017!
By Joanne parsons - 1st January 2017
Get started
By Fiona Ollerenshaw - 1st January 2017
Please can I join 31 days to fit
By Anonymous - 1st January 2017
Wanting to get ski fit for 2017!
By Mary Bevan - 1st January 2017
Hope a 64 year old can achieve!
By Dianne Reilly - 1st January 2017
Looking forward to new start.
By Anonymous - 1st January 2017
To continue my passion for fitness
Taking The Sweating Betty Challenge In 2017
By Kitty Waudby - 31st December 2016
I want to shed the Christmas excess weight and get and stay fit in 2017
More Fit, Less Fat
By Anonymous - 31st December 2016
time to get fit
Sounds Great!
By Malcolm Robb - 31st December 2016
How much rest do you suggest between each activity?
By Sophie - 31st December 2016
So excited about this challenge - my low self esteem needs a boost!
By Susan - 31st December 2016
Need to get motivated
Sweat It Out
By Laura Wacker - 31st December 2016
This sounds like a fabulous way to quick of 2017 and a few pounds!
By Anonymous - 31st December 2016
Lets do it
By andrea Farrelly - 31st December 2016
2017 new year new me
By alison - 31st December 2016
It never gets easier you just get fitter and stronger!
By DM - 31st December 2016
Looking forward to getting started and shifting some Xmas flab. Big event to attend 30th Jan so will be working hard
By Rosanna Cousins - 31st December 2016
By Anonymous - 31st December 2016
I would really love to follow this from my home in West Wales. Is it possible??
By Laura Ceppelli - 31st December 2016
I'm a Pilates and Yoga teacher always looking for new challenges.
Ready To Start 2017!
By B - 31st December 2016
Bring it on :)
By Lizzie s - 31st December 2016
I hope this will rejuvenate my fitness
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