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The Scotsman Spa introduces Kettle Bells to the Road Show Crew

posted on Tuesday, 28th June 2011 | find under Nutrition
The Russian Twist, the halo, the windmill...you'd be forgiven for mistaking these for cocktails, but they are in fact some rather challenging moves from the kettle bells class I had with Lucy at The Scotsman Spa!

In their fantastic studio, she took us through the moves, and various other exercises like the double arm swing.  For anyone who has used kettle bells before, they'll know how much of a cardio workout you get...rumour has it that 10 minutes doing the double arm swing works you as hard as a 10km run!  Bring on the double arm swings we say!! ( swiftly followed by a cream tea!).  The kettle bells really help to strengthen your core, as you end up using much more of your body than you would with free weights.
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