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The New Outdoor Training, Wild Style

posted on Monday, 22nd July 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness
Move over, boot camp: there’s a new outdoor training technique in town. A series of super targeted and efficient workouts that target all muscle groups, Wild Training was created by veteran personal trainer James Griffiths. Here, we sit down with James to learn some of his tips and tricks.

What is Wild Training? 
I developed the octagon tri-planar system in 2011 as whole body conditioning. It allows trainers to coach effective multi-planar, whole body movements simply and quickly so that clients can get the very best results possible. It’s all about education, so clients learn about technique and what they need to work on specifically.

What is tri-planar movement? 
Movement on the most basic level can happen in three planes: sagittal (forwards and backwards), frontal (left and right) and transverse (rotational). The biggest issue with many training programs found in current group exercise classes, magazines and exercise DVDs is that they don't include movements in all three planes, mostly the sagittal plane (running, rowing, cycling, pushing, pulling, squatting, etc). This is one of the reasons most injuries occur in the frontal and transverse planes, as that's where most people train the least. How often do you hear people saying they have hurt their backs while twisting and bending?

What are the benefits? 
The best thing about tri-planar exercise is that you get more muscles working in a greater variety of movement. This means we can tone and shape the whole body – one of the reasons tri-planar training works so well for women. Combining the tri-planar movements with whole body, functional exercises produces incredible results. You can work legs, hips, waist and shoulders whilst raising your heart breathing rate to help you burn fat fast.

Wild Training arrives at the Marlow boutique on July 25th for an intense, thirty-minute tri-planar kettle bell session. Call the boutique to book your place at +44 (0) 162 848 8263. 
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