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The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it!

posted on Thursday, 19th May 2011 | find under Nutrition

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened!! I have been training very hard (as always!) and I had some success at a Gala I competed at in Belfast a couple of weeks ago. I broke lots of P.B's (personal bests) and I achieved all of my goals I had set for that competition. I improved on my performance in Bulgaria and competed three solid, consistent routines finishing in first place. I got a P.B flight time score (How long you are in the air for) and I competed a P.B routine difficulty. All in all I was very pleased with how I performed and felt like it was just another step forwards and that I am in the very last stages of my rehab. It has been a really long, tough, emotional rollercoaster journey over the past year but I am now back on track and in a position to reach all the targets which my coach and I had set a year ago on or long term plan. I am realistic with the work that needs to be done but I am in a place now where I am able to actually work those areas now that I have caught up with my plan.

The week before the Irish Gala I was at a squad in Bath where we found out the team selections for World Cups in China and Japan at the end of June/beginning of July. I was uncertain of my selection as I had not met all the selection criteria because of my slow start getting back into competing again after last year. However, I have been selected for the synchro competitions and I am really looking forward to going out there and training and competing amongst the best in the World. I am excited about getting the extra competitions which weren't initially on my plan and I'm very excited about the whole experience- though I have to prepare well because we only have 10 days before the British Championships when we get back! Busy times!

I also had some more VERY exciting news!! I have been fundraising for some new equipment for our club recently and I have written lots of letters including one to British Car Auctions. They forwarded my letter onto local car garages and within a week I received a call from Bridgwater Westerly BMW!! I went in for a meeting with them- not knowing what to expect and they are going to sponsor me a mini until just after London 2012!! As major sponsors of the Olympics, BMW are sponsoring athletes from across various disciplines with transport until the Games and I am very excited to be a part of it! I also received a letter from Causeway Construction who are very generously going to donate funds for the club to purchase a new trampoline bed and two safety mats! I am personally so, so grateful for this and it will really make a difference to my training in Weston.

I have a couple of weeks now before our next squad in Bath which starts on  the bank holiday at the end of the month and at the end of that week I will fly out to Newcastle for another Gala. Whilst I'm at home I will be making the most of seeing my friends and family! I've also started coaching and I will hopefully be starting some more voluntary work for just a few hours each week around training! I will keep you posted :)

I also wanted to share som awesome Sweaty Betty attire I have got myself this week! I am so pleased with them- so comfy and flattering...LOVE it! Click on the links and check them out!




Pilates For Laura
By Sarah - 5th June 2011
Hi Laura, Good to see you are back on track. I'm still around, not blogging, but happy if you want a class sometime soon. Lots of love Sarah. Www.sarahpilates.com
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