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The best new places to workout

posted on Tuesday, 4th April 2017 | find under Fitness
Now January is over, extra workout motivation can be required. Luckily for us, new studios, class concepts and different ways to sweat are popping up across London, New York and Los Angeles. To help inspire you to get on it, here are craziest, sweatiest, funnest classes of the moment - and the ones where you definitely can't hide...

best new workout studios
Left: BXR and Right: Rumble

BXR, London

Located a stone's throw from popular hangout Chiltern Firehouse, this boutique gym is set to become the place to be in London. Founded by a range of fitness experts including pro-boxer Anthony Joshua, this studio is your gateway to a supermodel workout. Featuring a state of the art boxing ring, the 'Sweat by BXR' concept will also offer three different classes including the UK's first versa-climbing class. Rather than high intensity, high impact cardio workouts that can be strenuous on your joints, the classes will focus on building skills, strength and technique. That’s not to say that they aren’t tough - there's no way you’re walking out the door sweat-free. More at BXRLondon.com

Switch Playground, New York

Creating a huge buzz on New York's busy fitness scene, Switch Playground has recently hopped across the ocean from South Africa. Taking the studio meets nightclub to the next level, this adult 'playground' offers a tough, effective full-body workout focused on intervals, intensity, and variety. With a live DJ and highly skilled trainers on hand, your body will be challenged in ways it has never been before. More at SwitchPlaygroundUSA.com

Studio10 Fitness, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

With the slogan 'more than a good workout', this hour long based interval class is based around 10 rotating stations. With everything from burpees to boxing bags, kettle bells, TRX, bikes and resistance bands on offer, Studio10 guarantees an ever changing, fat burning, energising workout. WIth 25 minutes of cardio followed by 25 minutes of strength training, this is cutting-edge fitness with results. More at Studio10Fit.com

GymClass City, London

A longtime favourite with fashion editors and West London's fitness set, GymClass has expanded and opened it's doors in the city. The mastermind of former Barry's Bootcamp trainer Helle Hammonds, descend down the bright pink stairs to one of the toughest workouts around. Combining high-intensity intervals with strength training, these 50 minute classes are fast, effective and seriously fun. More at Gym-Class.co.uk

Barry's Bootcamp, Venice Beach, LA

Not a new concept, but Barry's Bootcamp's new Venice Beach location comes complete with beautiful new murals (don't say you haven't seen those wings on Instagram), their famous fuel bar and a spacious studio with shiny new treadmills to try out 'the best workout in the world' on. More at BarrysBootcamp.com

Ministry Does Fitness, London 

Night club meets fitness studio - welcome to the Ministry of Sound's new concept combining all the advantages of a night out without the hedonism. Masterminded by personal trainer Harry Jameson, the range of classes at Ministry Does Fitness are designed to sculpt, tone, strengthen and lengthen. With a club ready sound system and fully licensed bar, head here by day to fuel up and sweat then drink cocktails by night. More at MinistryDoesFitness.com

Karma Yoga, San Francisco

The mission at Karma Yoga San Francisco is to create a community centered on the fundamentals of yoga, through movement classes that inspire people within and expand beyond the studio walls. Offering a variety of classes for different levels including the in-demand Inferno Hot Pilates (think cardio meets traditional Pilates), the luxurious surroundings and zen vibe have San Fran locals flocking to try it out. More at KarmaYogaSF.com

Rumble, New York

Take all your expectations of boxing and leave them at the door. Head to new studio Rumble for 10 rounds of heat fueled by beats that make you feel like its fight night. With a nightclub quality sound system and day-glo lighting, head here for a sweaty rave to hip hop and RnB tunes. More at Rumble-Boxing.com

Ride2Tone at Heartcore, London

All ready a firm favourite with West London's Pilates set, the ab-burning Heartcore has bought a new concept to the capital with their Ride2Tone class. Featuring 30 minutes of yoga-inspired strengthening and another half an hour of high-intensity indoor cycling, this aims to make you feel physically and mentally stronger. More at Heartcore.co.uk

Box + Flow, New York

When it comes to fitness, boxing and yoga aren't the most likely pairing, though Olivia 'Liv' Young is on a mission to prove you wrong. Box + Flow's 50 minute classes combine mindfulness with the speed and force of a boxing workout, creating an atmosphere where you can release aggression, then refocus. Expect shadowboxing with light weights, followed by five rounds of boxing combinations before twenty minutes of yoga. More at BoxandFlow.com

Ritual Hot Yoga, San Francisco

With its charcoal-gray walls, complimentary towels and water, and moody lighting, this candlelit hot yoga studio is one of the most luxe in the Bay Area. Plus, they're ethical too. Unlike in other studios in the area, rather than being paid as independent contractors, yoga teachers atr Ritual Hot Yoga are full-time, salaried employees with health benefits, vacation time, and sick days. More at RitualHotYoga.com

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