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Tennis Ambassador Emily Webly-Smith's 7 Top Training Tips

posted on Thursday, 29th June 2017 | find under Fashion , Fitness
With Wimbledon just around the corner, we asked Sweaty Betty Ambassador and professional tennis player Emily Webley-Smith to give us some training tips. Born in Bristol, Emily's currently ranked 599th in the world and has competed in Wimbledon six times. Here are her top 7 tips for perfecting your play court-side, read these pre-match with a side of strawberries and cream.

tennis tips emily webley smith
Model wears the Championship Tennis Dress 

Be comfortable

Choose kit that you can move in and don't have to adjust while you play. The Ace Tennis Polo and Match Play Tennis Skort will be my choice at Wimbledon for the perfect combination of freedom of movement and style. The skirt even has built in shorts so rhythm between serves isn’t disturbed with a search for the second ball.

Core control

Core training counts for a lot in this sport. With greater strength in your core, you'll be better balanced on court and able to hold positions on the run. If you haven’t already, incorporate core work into your workouts and add a light medicine ball to your exercises to make them more tennis specific.

Warm up well: start slowly with a light jog followed by a dynamic warm-up using the movements you'll be making during the rallies to come. Once hitting, look for rhythm and timing in the first few minutes rather than pace and power, concentrating on feeling the ball and getting your feet in the right position.
Watch the ball

It may seem simple but with so many other things to think about, this often gets forgotten. You only have to see action photos of Serena Williams to see how intently her eyes are focused on the ball. We may not be able to crush the ball as hard as she can, but we can certainly aim to watch it as carefully. Vocalisations are optional.
Stay hydrated

The tennis scoring system is there for a reason: it allows the body to recover. Use the change of ends wisely and ensure you drink enough water or diluted sports drink. You'll be surprised how much water you lose through sweating even in the British summer. Remember a 1% loss of hydration can lead to a 10% drop in performance so sip away.
Be determined

Whilst you may not be able to reach every ball your opponent is firing down, aim to make an attempt or first step reaction to each and every one. What's more, with tennis being the perfect all-over workout, you will be burning calories from those summer barbecues and toning muscles you didn't know you had.
Remember it's a game

Too often we get caught up in the technicalities of forehands and backhands and forget that tennis is a game. Have fun creating angles and shots in your own style, play with freedom and have some fun.

Shop the Tennis collection today and come down to our Wimbledon shop between 3-16 July. Follow Emily on Instagram @emilywebleysmith
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