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#TeamSB Christmas traditions

posted on Monday, 22nd December 2014 | find under 
History tells that tonight’s the night Santa scrambles down the chimney. But Christmas is about so much more than presents, as we all know. The holiday can look very different from household to household, with esoteric customs giving Christmas a unique significance for everyone. Here we share some of the Sweaty Betty team members’ favourite festive moments… 

Tamara – Founder and Creative Director 

“My father worked in the Navy so we travelled all around the world, spending Christmas in an array of different destinations. No matter where we were, he would always organise a Boxing Day sporting tournament for the local community. From hockey in Hong Kong to football in Gibraltar. Once we even played deck hockey on an aircraft carrier. And we always did this in fancy dress! Now we carry on the tradition in Devon by the beach.” 

Oana – Shoreditch boutique 

“I grew up in Romania and for Christmas we followed a tradition whereby naughty children were given a stick and an orange. My Grandma was a real troublemaker so I received this every year, no matter how good I’d been!” 

Jen – US Community Manager 

“Every year since I was a baby, my parents gifted my brother and I with a new pair of Christmas pyjamas to wear on Christmas morning. 29 years and a husband later, the tradition is the gift that keeps on giving!”  

Emily – Leeds boutique 

“Myself and my late step dad used to go around to the homeless shelters on Christmas Eve to hand out hot chocolate. We will be doing it around Manchester in his honour this year.” 

Brit – Copywriter 

“Growing up in Canada, I always enjoyed a white Christmas. In the lead up to Christmas, my dad and I would work for hours building an igloo. Some years, it got so big that I would sleep in it at night. After Christmas lunch we’d go spend some time in the igloo before heading in to warm up while watching 'Christmas Vacation'. As I’ve since moved to London, the igloo tradition has ended but my stomach still hurts every Christmas from laughing so hard at the film (which is non-negotiable).” 

Ruth – Fulham boutique 

“On Christmas morning I love to brave the great outdoors and enjoy a swim. In a heated outdoor pool of course! Afterwards, I’ll warm up with a hot coffee.”  

Jessica – People Coordinator  

“My husband Freddy and I have a Christmas Cheese Day every Boxing Day. It’s just the two of us after we’ve been busy rushing around to visit family the day before. We make it a competition to see who can bring the best cheese or chutney or pickle to the board. Then we sit and scoff!” 

Bryony – Guildford boutique

“Once the turkey is in the oven, I prepare for the big meal by jumping on the turbo trainer!” 

We'd love to know what Christmas traditions you enjoy. Do share them with us on our social channels, whether they are super healthy or rather indulgent!
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