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Sweaty Betty x Sang Bleu: Meet Maxime Buchi

posted on Thursday, 27th April 2017 | find under Fashion
Today marks the launch of the limited edition collection of the year, Sweaty Betty x Sang Bleu. For the latest London Edit, Sweaty Betty has teamed up with premier Dalston tattoo studio Sang Bleu for a limited edition capsule collection with a street style aesthetic. To introduce you to the team behind the brand we caught up with artist and founder Maxime Buchi for an exclusive insight into the world of Sang Bleu. 

maxime buchi sang bleu

How was Sang Bleu born?

It’s a vision of all the different elements comprised in a certain lifestyle that myself and people around me have. Originally it was formed in the medium of a magazine, and has since evolved into a multidisciplinary platform encompasses tattoo and design studios in London and Zurich, a publishing house, fashion line and creative agency. 

Why did you chose London as the first Sang Bleu location? 

I fell in love with London and moved here after my studies. Everything else came after that so I didn’t choose London for my first location, it is where I was. I met people who were diverse, like minded and open to mixing different cultures.


Tell us about the studio and how it reflects Sang Bleu.

I wanted Sang Bleu London and the various other Sang Bleu spaces to be a place where you could experience in real life. So what you would see in the magazine and what you would perceive through the events and other things that we do. When you come in here, from the music we play, to the art on the wall and the people that you will meet; this is who we are, this is what we do. I want the spaces that are Sang Bleu to represent the real life experience of this world.

What attracted you to collaborating on the range?

For me sports in fashion also represent a lifestyle. There is a connection if the people I see around me do sports and get tattooed. They are the same people who enjoy fashion and who are into the arts. And for me working with a brand like Sweaty Betty allows me to extend that vision of a certain lifestyle, a certain community that I have but that I couldn't necessarily reach by myself - but it is consistent with that lifestyle vision of who I am, other people around me and the way I live. I have created my own line PHYSICAL to represent this too. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration for the designs used in the collection?

After an initial briefing we chose to base the designs loosely around traditional Islamic patterns. 

How do you feel about the fusion of fashion with tattoos?

Both fashion and tattoos are a medium that individuals use to express their identities, their allegiances and their tastes - so from a sort of technical and abstract point of view they belong to the same thing. They are the tools that people use to show who they are and what they identity with. The thing I find interesting is that tattoos need to stay relevant for decades, whereas fashion changes every six months. The periodicity or the pace of each one of these practices is extremely different. They couldn't be further away from each other but in their very nature there's something quite similar and complementary to both of these things. 

What do you do to relax?

I work. 

Where would you like to travel to?

I would like to take my wife to Iceland to watch the Northern Lights. And I would like to go to see China. I would like to spend some more time in Scandinavia as well if given the opportunity. New Zealand seems pretty amazing, 

Whats next for Sang Bleu?

Hopefully by next year PHYSICAL will be launched as a stand alone fashion line. We have a lot of new publications coming up; the seventh issue of Sang Bleu Magazine is coming out later this year and TTTTism Magazine is doing great. We are working on exciting collaborations and will continue to expand. 

Grab a piece of fashion history and shop Sweaty Betty x Sang Bleu today. With only 100 of each item available, get shopping here before it goes. For an exclusive look behind the scenes of the collection read our interview with Sweaty Betty's senior designer. Find out more about Sang Bleu here.
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