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St Albans Roadshow Scrapbook

posted on Thursday, 25th April 2013 | find under Nutrition
With heavy hearts, rock-hard abs and plenty of places to return to, the Road Show team bid farewell to St Albans.
Whether it’s Hot Yoga with the Feel Hot Yoga girls, Pilates at Pilates Works in Harpenden, boot camp or personal training, this town is full of strong cores. We have lost count of how many Pilates Hundreds, Roll Ups and double leg stretches we have done - usually courtesy of Amanda at The Pilates Workshop Harpenden. We feel it was only fair to reward ourselves with a delicious slice of banana and walnut cake from The Bakehouse overlooking the picturesque Cathedral…now, back to Pilates!
If Hundreds aren’t enough for you, a trip to Feel Hot Yoga is a must. Sweat your way through a series of Asanas and mulhabanda-building exercises in the custom -built studio. 40 degrees heat a bit too much? Then drop in for a class at The Yoga Hall for your Mantras followed by a mug of herbal tea. We can’t think of a better way to embrace the community.
Looking for something more ‘upbeat’? Beatbike is the place to go. Sian and Vix really offer a different spinning experience. Their classes feature great music to motivate you right through to the end of your session, not to mention the ladies have invaluable cycling knowledge for both on the road and in the studio. They will have you up out your seat doing ‘tap backs’ (a phrase we have learned to fear!) and press ups on the handle bars. Who would have thought we could get a full body work out on a bike – and all in under an hour?
We really have been shown what it’s like to be an active and athletic woman in St Albans, and we are begging for more! We hope to be back soon.
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