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SS10 fashion shoot

posted on Thursday, 15th October 2009 | find under 

So this season we made the difficult decision to shoot abroad for our Spring Summer 10 Collections – a far cry (or so we thought) from the faded grandeur of our Autumn Winter Deptford house that the entire crew fell in love with, in fact quite wanted to live and breathe this hybrid of beautiful home and dilapidated wreck…

As a British brand, that is in fact very proud to be British, we very much wanted to strip our photoshoot bare and remove that ‘try hard,’ styled aesthetic so that what was left to breathe was the most important parts of us – the product that performs for you, and an attitude, a lifestyle, a feeling that somehow invigorates you to go to for that early morning run, or squeeze Yoga into your day. Empowering women through fitness, which remains our ethos does not need the manicured model with perfect hair and make up, because quite simply that is not real, nor does it inspire you to push yourself to go to that extra spinning class. Location then seemed not to matter, just our girl, pounding the streets, cycling through her common en route, or strolling to her local Shala so it made sense to stay true to our roots.

The spanner in the works – the British weather.

No-one could deny the need for sunshine when thinking about exercising on a beautiful summer morning, or dusky late evenings, or dare I say, the bikini season – and so, due to a mix of production dates and climate change, the weather, mid September could not be trusted. Ibiza was the chosen location in the quest for dappled sunshine and honestly what we found were some beautiful places, not too unlike Britain, where you could take to the outdoors and go for it – go for yourself in clothing that works for you.

Ironically (irony: a trait which seems to attributed to the British psyche!) as we stepped off the plane in Ibiza it was raining and of course no-one had anticipated this, the snood worn purely for plane comforts was put to use straight away. (for the first time!) The rain poured and the thunder boomed, lightening forked across the sky for the entire recce day where we scouted out locations. The feeling was sombre at this point and no-one dare mention the fact that Britain was having a sunny spell! Tuesday, first shoot day and we managed to ‘start’ shooting at sunrise, our heroic model battled through a thunder storm until the rain became so heavy the cameras and laptops had to be sheltered. Two hours in, decisions on whether to call it a day were beginning to be determined when a ray of sunshine broke through, which in turn became a beam and finally blue sky prevailed. And prevailed for the duration of the stay. British weather had typically gone sour and so the decision to go away on this occasion was very much justified.

Not to be forgotten, the heroine of the shoot had to be our model Quentin, not only beautiful but a budding artist and Central St Martins graduate, she had the hardest job of all – incredible relentless exercise for three days straight. Even by day three and suggestions of military fitness or yoga at sunrise cropping up, without a roll of an eye she would shoot 300 frames. Our photographer, the hero, Phillip, gets a workout too as he is as energetic ensuring he captures that determined face running up the mountain, that extra bit of strength needed to hold that plank pose, or capture that sweaty dewy face: a result of a serious bike ride. Capture the ethereal emotion which in essence motivates us to do sport in the beginning – the feel good factor. Being at the shoot was very inspiring and I hope that this transfers through to the shots and videos you will see for Sweaty Betty’s SS10 collections – facing the elements whether training alone or as a group.  For a first glance, be sure to keep a look out for our SS10 video online at www.sweatybetty.com/community.


waggi on SS10 fashion shoot
By waggi - 28th September 2010
Great post.
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