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sensitive pants and jimmy the tortoise

posted on Monday, 1st February 2010 | find under 
I kept up one resolution and didnt drink during January

I kept up one resolution and didnt drink during January, but not doing so well on regularly updating my blog.  will try harder!  We are signing off our Autumn Winter collection at the moment at work and the kids have "history and book week" at school, so i dont seem to have much time in between fit sessions, making dresses for an Anne Boleyn doll and touching up Florence Nightingale's papier mache pet tortoise Jimmy. Oh and hosting my birthday weekend for 12.

just a note of advice for all your newbie gym goers.  Or even you old hands.  (This has come about because I was in my gym the other day and happened to be talking to 4 regulars who do a mixture of cardio, dance and running.  One of them, brand director for a well-known fashion brand, was dressed in old sweaty Betty cotton trackpants and a primark velour jacket.  all of them in cotton). Cotton is GREAT for yoga - gentle yoga.  Ideal for going to and from the gym.  But for working out in, sweating in, it is RUBBISH! it retains moisture and will get heavy and make you cold as soon as you stop working out.  You need to be looking for man-made fabrics with a special "wicking"  finish that will transport sweat away and keep you dry and more comfortable.  There are a number of great fabrics that we use - our rolls royce being "sensitive", as it is thin, lightweight  and matt but has a very high percentage of lycra in it and miraculously disguises any lumps and bumps.  we call it our sculpting fabric.  we use it in our Statement ranges - running and workout.  it is absolutely AMAZING.  Every single one of you should have at least 1 pair of pants made in sensitive - we do it in varying styles such as leggings, capris, loose dance pants and bootcut flares. Go buy now.

katie on sensitive pants and jimmy the tortoise
By katie - 28th September 2010
Finally a stylish and practical yoga clothing (and UK based!)collection...thanks for thinking of all of our stylish yogis!!
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