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Self fulfilling prophecy?!

posted on Monday, 1st February 2010 | find under Fitness

So the pyschic told me I should be doing more yoga? I am not sure if this is how it should work, but since I had my cards read by Mikey, I have done 4 Power Yoga sessions (with the help of our Fit4Free campaign). I am now so determined to be able to do an impressive Vinyasa flow that I have arranged some private lessons at home. I can now topple from my trees and wobble in my warriors until the core is up to it!

And here comes the irony. Or psychic phenomenon. As a runner I thought yoga was the furthest from my comfort zone. Bit too much oneness and all that. But last week we met a lovely trainer called Michelle who teaches something called Chi-running. This is a special running technique which promises injury-free enjoyment. Perfect I thought, just tell me how and I am hooked!

Well it turns out that Chi-running is about running using the principles of, yes you've guessed it? Yoga!! I tried it for the first time on Sunday morning and Michelle has definitely got something. Running whilst thinking yoga! Who'd have thought it? But with 5 weeks to go and sore knees, I'll try anything and I think Chi-running might just be my salvation.

Thanks Mikey and thanks Michelle. Of course Mikey probably knew I was going to meet Michelle.............

nicola on Self fulfilling prophecy?!
By nicola - 28th September 2010
Enjoyed my first run in years last Friday accompanying you whilst you practised your chi-running - I guess I should try it too since it might protect my knee ligament - dont want to replace it for the third time!

Looking forward to our next running outing!
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