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seasons change

posted on Saturday, 19th December 2009 | find under Fitness

Training in the cold is hard work. Getting out of bed is tough enough and i think i must burn a few calories doing my morning jig on the kitchen tiles whilst i wait for the kettle to boil. Its hard becuse its dark and windy and currently a little icy underfoot. When you are running longer distances you do get warm and i have a real dislike of carrying excess clothing with me, which in short means that i am blue for the first mile or two. The colder air has less oxygen in it making it harder to breathe and to supply your body with life-force. The reality is however that seasons change and there will (hopefully) always be winter around the corner and so staying in bed is simply not an option. This morning i did a few miles before meeting up with my friend to take her circuit training. We scaled stairs, got our gloves stuck to posts, slip down hills and generally relished everything we could about being up at the crack of dawn and having a deserted city to play in. Infact thats what i love the most- the feeling of being a child in a winterwonderland. There are so few people out early on an arctic day that you can almost run wild. Yes its cold but there is nothing that can be done about it and training doesnt have to stop. You might have to adapt a few things but thats not the end of the world. And yes, before you ask i still come home and have a cold shower.

Nikki on seasons change
By Nikki - 28th September 2010
Went for cycle today and nearly turned back after a few mins. Then I remembered your blog...it really is a winter wonderland outside and how silly of others not to be enjoying it too. I will be back on my bike again tomorrow morning! Thanks for keeping me inspired!
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