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Relax and unwind with Sweaty Betty Ambassadors

posted on Wednesday, 17th December 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness
You needn't look any further than the iconic John Lewis adverts to see that Christmas is supposed to be serene and magical. But the reality can look somewhat different. Picture burnt turkeys, too many family members squeezed into one room and children fighting over new presents. To make sure your Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, Sweaty Betty’s Ambassadors are here to share their top festive relaxation tips… 

“I like to balance my more indulgent treats with a conscious effort to include healthy meals and snacks and stay hydrated. This makes me feel that I’m still in control.” – Jayne Rodgers, Leeds Ambassador 

“Over the holidays, I love to practice gratitude meditation. It’s really simple. Sit somewhere quiet and allow your body to relax further which each deep breath. As you inhale, think about a person you love and are grateful for. And as you exhale, send them that love and gratitude for being in your life. This makes me feel more connected to all my loved ones scattered around the world – especially at a time of year when family and friends are so important.” – Nikkita Hope-Brown, Battersea Ambassador 

“Although the sofa can be tempting, I try to go outside as often as possible. Walking in a quiet spot, away from all the technology, can help you focus on what’s important. My favourite place to walk is by the sea – even when I’m feeling overwhelmed, that big blue expanse always brings me back to earth.” – Gerry Broom, Brighton Ambassador 

“Over Christmas my family and I go to Suffolk, where we’re surrounded by nature. My favourite form of escape is cardiovascular exercise, so I usually prefer a gentle jog to a walk. Whatever pace you prefer, notice your surroundings and take a moment to observe even the most minute details.” – Annie Foulds, Harrods Ambassador 

“One of my all-time favourite yoga poses is called Supta Baddha Konasana and it comes in very handy during the craziness of Christmas. It essentially entails chilling out for ten minutes, but it also opens the chest, hips and thighs, eases digestion and calms the nervous systems. Use a yoga bolster or roll up a pillow and lay it vertically along your mat. Then rest your lower back on the base of the pillow (pictured below), and sit with the knees apart and the soles of your feet together. Keep your palms up by your side and enjoy!” – Angie Newson, Muswell Hill Ambassador 

“When I’m feeling a bit frenzied, my go-to yoga practice is Nidra. It’s a profoundly relaxing guided meditation which is great for relieving stress, and it requires no prior experience of meditation. There are several free Yoga Nidra recordings available on yoganidranetwork.org to try it for yourself.” – Mandy Penalver, Guilford Ambassador 

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