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Pace and Go workout the Kings Road

posted on Wednesday, 7th December 2011 | find under Fitness
Kings Road Guest Instructor Evening December 2011

This month’s master class with international athletes Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon promised to give us an all over body workout whilst having fun and that’s exactly what we got. We began with an introduction on the exercises we would work through, all of which if done correctly a few times a week would lead towards fitter, leaner, stronger bodies. Great news for pre Christmas party season toning up!

Warm up stretches were first as Wayne explained these are most effective when done in motion, allowing muscles to stretch gradually. The fast paced class then began and heart rates started racing. We moved continually throughout the class, changing movements every 40 seconds. From leg lunges to jumping jacks to the plank, the variety of exercises ensured we worked out the entire body and meant we were all very Sweaty Betties by the end.

The evening was rounded off with questions for Jenny and Wayne. They gave loads of great tips on healthy eating, what vitamins to take depending on your lifestyle and even what we should do to get rid of our spare tyres. The evening was hugely informative and it was great to have the chance to train with two inspirational athletes. We look forward to welcoming Jenny and Wayne for another Guest Instructor evening in the new year.
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