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My first session at The Running School

posted on Saturday, 8th January 2011 | find under Tamara, Fitness
So I turned up for my first session at The Running School full of trepidation and a little in awe of some of the elite athletes I seemed to be surrounded by. But I needn’t have worried. Mike, who has 28 yrs experience of coaching was lovely and reassured me that I would see all sorts of clients here.

He got me straight on a treadmill, where he videoed me, first walking and then running. Then we sat down and analysed the evidence, which was when my heart began to sink. It became clear very quickly that even my walking technique left quite lot to be desired!

After years of carrying a heavy bag on my right shoulder my left arm does all the swinging, while my right arm stays perfectly still….if you’re a large bag kind of girl you should have a go. And when we started looking at my legs, which should have been moving in parallel, they cross over each other quite alarmingly, and my left foot does more work than my right leaving my upper back trying to over compensate by helping me to balance. (it’s no wonder my back has so many problems).

It was when we started to look at my running that I reached the real low point of the day. All the things I did when I was walking were just exaggerated when I ran. My left side was doing all the work, my stride was too long and then to make it worse my hips didn’t move. I was using all the wrong muscles to run with and most significantly wasn’t engaging my glutes at all, which it transpires is a large part of why I have such a bad lower back.

By this stage I was feeling like I was a hopeless case, but Mike is obviously used to this kind of thing, and saw the opportunity...

‘So the first thing I’m going to do is to teach you to walk!’
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