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Mellow Mindset

posted on Wednesday, 16th September 2009 | find under 

SO I’m here at last.  Back from Hawaii honeymoon, present and ready for fitness action!  So as weird as it may seem to write about summer surfing in the middle of autumn, that’s exactly what’s on my mind.  
Without wishing to make anyone green, our best activity by far in Hawaii was learning to surf in Maui.  So, so cool!  I’ve had a few surfing experiences before, in Wales to be precise, where my feet went blue with cold and I had sores on my hands for weeks from friction burns which I hadn’t felt because my hands had been so numb!
Needless to say, Hawaii was much more fun and after feeling totally tense on my first few waves, I learned to find my “mellow mindset” and just feel the wave. Totally awesome dude!  
Back in the UK and the sunshiny surf, sea and sand seems a world away.  I know it can seem hard to feel upbeat as the days get shorter but everyone just seems so glum. It just made me wonder how can we keep hold of that great holiday, outdoors-all-the-time feeling when we are back at home. And perhaps being fit Betties is the first step.  Perhaps with a little tweak, we can use our exercise routine to get that holiday feeling.
Holidays are all about change. Being outside. Doing something out of the ordinary. Trying new things. Catching some rays. So rather than just dragging yourself to the gym to do your regular class perhaps now’s the time to make a positive change and cheer up your mind and your body.
Catch some rays by taking your workout outside. Not only does sunshine make you feel better but recent studies from the Vitamin D Council have shown it can boost athletic performance. For more information visit www.vitamindcouncil.org.
Getting outdoors more can also burn more calories, whilst giving you those all important rosy cheeks. Have you ever noticed how great your skin looks after training outside?  Research from the University of Utah found you could burn up to 7% more calories in the cold as your body tries to warm-up your skin.
So try a new class.  Get outside.  Live a little.  But above all, find something that lights your fire, that’s really fun, that you totally look forward to, a way to find your own “mellow mindset” every day - because even fit Betties get glum sometimes. ;-)

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