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Meet Julie Montagu aka The Flexi Foodie

posted on Sunday, 15th January 2017 | find under 
31 days to fit

Meet Julie Montagu

julie montagu sweaty bettyJulie wears the Brahma Bra and Chandrasana Reversible Leggings

Julie Montagu aka The Flexi Foodie, is one of London's top yoga and nutrition teachers and was recently named as one of the Top 10 Holistic Health Icons in the World.

A mother of four, Julie divides her time between London and the family estate at Mapperton. Alongside writing three international best-selling books; Superfoods, Eat Real Food and Superfoods Superfast, she has starred in Ladies of London, launched the wellness site TrulyJulie.com and is one of London's most popular yoga teachers. In fact her Sunday night class in Chelsea is often so popular, she has been known to stand on the radiator to teach.

Three burning questions

Describe your morning routine? 

First thing in the morning, before my kids wake, I stick my legs up against my bedroom wall, and breath for 5 minutes. I then do 5 sun salutations, make my green tea and only THEN do I wake up my kids. 
Your favourite workout and why?  

Yoga obviously!  When I step onto my mat, I expose my strengths and weakness to myself which allows me to look at them deeper not only in my practice but in my life! And within the course of development, you often find the greatest accomplishments. Yoga is so much for than the poses because there lies the ability in yourself to bring about healing and awareness. 
Number one goal for 2017?  

Breathe more. I think it’s the next big thing in the wellness space. 

Join Julie for a meditation and mindfulness session here. Find more about her at JulieMontagu.com and on Instagram @theflexifoodie. Join us for your fittest January ever at sweatybetty.com/31daystofit with exclusive workouts, wellness tips, healthy recipes and more. Share your sweaty workouts and recipe snaps with #31DaysToFit. 
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