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Kings Road Guest Instructor Evening

posted on Thursday, 15th September 2011 | find under Nutrition

Tonight's guest instructor was Amélie Uteza, one of the co founders of The Power Yoga in Parsons Green. I decided to join this class because i'm quite new to yoga and I was also curious about the kind of poses we would do, maybe putting our legs behind our ears who knows... 


Amélie met each one of us, asked how experienced we were with Power Yoga and if we had any injuries (so we'd have different moves to stay safe).

We started with the child's pose, which will be used later on during the class if we need to rest. This was also the time to concentrate on our breathing ( Pranayama), and choose a focus to keep us going throughout the session.


The warming up was quite easy but became more and more intense with fast paced vinyasas (continuous flow of poses: from the prayer pose to a plank, and then downward facing dog) . 


Even though it is Power Yoga and therefore challenging, Amélie's instructions were easy to follow and she also proposed different moves if we were a bit tired. On the other hand, confident ladies could go further (as far as their body allowed them to do so!). No matter how old or flexible you are there is something for you to try and be proud of.


The intensity building up throughout the class gives you a great workout that you don't expect!! the core muscles, the arm were really burning! Indeed, Amélie spiced up regular poses like the warrior, etc...to make them much harder , and then we had to keep them for one, two...three breaths, ouch !


I really loved the big stretches and twists ( and i didn't know my body could even do that! ), it was a bit sore sometimes but no pain no gain ! 


In the end, i have to say that I felt exhausted, but definitely more flexible and 'open' (it was like I could breathe much better than usual !) but also refreshed in a way, as the twists helped cleanse the guts, squeezing organs like sponges, bringing lovely new blood !!


Balance and flexibility was an issue for me, but I found a very good compromise with Power Yoga, because you can improve your posture very quickly by holding poses with your strength and concentration. The feeling of relaxation and achievement of pushing your own limits is also amazing. 


A famous quote by Joseph Pilates is coming to my mind : “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at thirty, you are old; if it’s completely flexible at sixty, you are young.” The work done on joint movements,blood circulation, and inner strength is certainly a beauty secret!


Thank you very much Amélie for giving us this experience. An hour was not enough, there are so many things I'd like to try !


Voilà !!


Audrey - Kings Road Team Member.


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