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It took Lance a year

posted on Tuesday, 19th January 2010 | find under Fitness

'Slow down" isn't really a command that you want to hear when running is your passion. It belongs in the same camp as 'you need to rest" and "maybe take some time off". All three of these are valid points and often your body does need time out to rest and restore itself but they are never the less difficult rules to adhere to when you have racing and competitions on your mind. I have been forced into taking time out this week. A chest infection coupled with a hard training routine and a week of sub zero running finally caused my demise. 

The doctors keep telling me that i am too hard on myself and that it has only been a year. The thing is that i cannot simply give up the fight like that. I have always relied on my mental strength to take me to places when my physical strength failed. Even when i am broken i will always try to carry on..hopefully with a smile. This attitude is what made me an athlete. It is what led time to sporting success. It is what allowed me to win against the odds. It is the thing, i believe, that kept me going. It is what made me run marathons whilst i battled illness. 

Pushing yourself beyond your limits will always have consequences and unfortunately for me right now, those consequences can be more dangerous. I am still only just rebuilding my body. What i have realised though is that i am willing to swallow those consequences in the pursuit of being an athlete again. Im not ready to give up the fight. 

Led plant lights on It took Lance a year
By Led plant lights - 28th September 2010
You look like a skilled athlete. Truly saying I like the post and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. I bookmark the site for further reading.
Baby V on It took Lance a year
By Baby V - 28th September 2010
You already are an athlete, you always have been. When you were young, while boxing, when you had your shop, through your illness and today. Being an athlete is not just about how much you push yourself training just remember its your mentality too...and that has never faulted. Now lets just take out those Duracell batteries for like a day, like on recharge, and get you rested lol! xxxxxxx
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