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How to take your yoga practice to the next level...

posted on Wednesday, 26th May 2010 | find under Fitness

Ok, if you've been yoga for a while how do you move from where you are to the next level? (And even, if you are new to yoga, it's the same thing!)

One thing I can recommend is building core foundational strength.... start by slowly building your strength by introducing small incremental changes... Here's an example... In plank pose, try taking one leg off the ground, so you are now balancing on 3 limbs (your other leg, and arms!) and lift this leg (easy does it!).... Wow you will be strong before you know it... this is such a powerful pose...With this extra strength you will be able to shift and transform your yoga practice beyond belief....

Remember to breathe, breathe deeply, all the way down into the belly....use your breath for energy... (oh and this is great for toning and shaping your body too!) :)

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