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How to ‘get fit 4 free’: Hear our Ambassador Fred's answers

posted on Monday, 24th January 2011 | find under 

Fred Busch is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga and author of “A Clear and Definite Path - Enlightenment and Health with Yoga and Holistic Living.” He is also the founder and Director of Miami Yogashala in South Beach and Brickell Yogashala and is the Director of Teacher Training at Fulham Yogashala in London.

Here are his tips on how to ‘get fit 4 free.’ It seems for Fred, every little helps, sounds good to us!

Create a Small Practice 
“Do your best to create a 10 minute home Yoga practice. Very simple Yoga poses done every single day for the rest of your life without exception will make a difference in your life greater than you would expect.  Exercise is required for health, and daily exercise is the key to the benefit!  So you can still feel the benefit every day regardless of your time restraints.” 

“The biggest mistake we make for the new year is that we think we have to make radical changes.  In fact some very simple and small shifts in our dietary patterns can lead to a greater sense of well being, personal empowerment and freedom!”

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By Sarah Warwick - 25th January 2011
Breath awareness can make such a difference to your day. Take a moment to stop and notice your breath. How does it feel? Can you slow it down? Can you expand it to fill your chest? Enjoy....calm.....peaceful.... breath....
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