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HELP - my tummy is out of control!

posted on Wednesday, 11th August 2010 | find under 

BOY, I don't know about you but I've had a seriously busy week.

I've started writing for new fitness magazine, BodyFit. If you haven't seen it yet I thoroughly recommend it.  It's got lots of great training information in it, that works! My features will be out in the October issue, which means in the crazy world of magazine publishing that it will actually be published in September, so not too long to wait.  I want to say a big thank you to fellow bloggers Laura, Danielle and Joslyn who all contributed to the features ... THANK YOU GIRLS!

So this week I'll be putting the world to rights, responding to some 'interesting' articles that have been in the news of late.  Watch this space for why Pilates IS good for you and why low fat/low cal DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN HEALTHY if it's in a packet!

And the other little thing that's been keeping me busy is my out of control tummy!  For those of you who don't know already, I'm expecting my first little bundle this Christmas and it's been a whole lot of getting used to for someone who is usually full of energy and loves to exercise. Still, now that my little friend is kicking around inside and now that I've learned to slow down a bit, we are getting on just fine! And to prove it, here's a picture of our first official family training session in the park - Mummy, Daddy (behind the camera) and squidge.  And no, we aren't going to find out if it's his or her's, some things can wait ;-)

Karen x



Therese on HELP - my tummy is out of control!
By Therese - 28th September 2010
You look great Karen! So exciting! Congrats to the new job x
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