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Fire drama in Hampstead

posted on Sunday, 24th January 2010 | find under 
The front of our shop was in flames, the glass all gone and some of the product damaged.

On Saturday night a car burst into flames outside our Hampstead shop.  The team were on the scene in no time to assess the damage.    Photos of the wrecked car and the damage to our Hampstead shop are below.  Here is what Emma, Retail Director, told me at 11pm:

Here's what happened! Car exploded outside shop (apparently a taxi driver?)

Front window blown but other than bad smell of burning, clothes at front with some damage and one poster burnt....not too sure extent of rest as area cordoned off.


Fascia of shop badly affected... 

Waited for man to board up shop. Done with corrugated iron and policeman with me agreed it was robust. Let Barry Bros know what had happened.


Until tomorrow morning I won't know really how much more damage there is. Horrid burnt plastic and metal everywhere so hope council get on with it.

Unlikely to trade tomorrow...............


Unbelievably, Caitie and the team did actually trade on Sunday from behind the corrugated iron hoarding.  Builder and landlord, Emma, Caitie and I will be there at 8am tomorrow to see what needs to be done to get us back trading properly as soon as possible.

Simon, MD

Brenda on Fire drama in Hampstead
By Brenda - 28th September 2010
Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. Others no doubt will find it just as interesting as I did.
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By greek seo - 28th September 2010
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By no fax payday loans - 28th September 2010
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Lauren on Fire drama in Hampstead
By Lauren - 28th September 2010
Wow that fire looked hectic, our poor store Frown
Laura on Fire drama in Hampstead
By Laura - 28th September 2010
Snow...floods...fires we are unstoppable! A huge show of the team spirit! Unbelievable! Well done guys, glad no-one was hurt and hope the shop is ok!
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