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Fabulously Fit Betties

posted on Wednesday, 4th November 2009 | find under 

IT was so good to meet some fellow bloggers at the new Kings Road 125 store yesterday. Trekking down to Sweaty Betty on what was (let's face it) a filthy, wet Tuesday in London town turned out to be a great energy boost - made slightly better since the new store is opposite Hotel Chocolat and they always given you free chocolates Wink.  Not only did we get a glimpse at the lovely new fluffy, gorgeous, glamorous Spring/Summer 10 collection but we got to meet some of the other Fabulously Fit Betties who write blogs or run the show!  And wow - everyone is so smiley and gorgeous.

It made me think how easy it is to forget how important it is to surround yourself with positive people who either share your outlook or your goals.  I've lost track of the number of clients I've trained who are dubbed, "the fitness freak" by their colleagues.  Sometimes just going to the gym instead of the pub can seem like you're struggling against the tide.

Now I'm quite content with being a "fitness geek" but it's easy to see that if motivation is weak and you have no support network those biceps and triceps are easy to twist! And not having friends or colleagues on your side could easily see you drowning your rainy day, spare tyre sorrows in a large slab of carrot cake!

There's a reason why clubs like Weight Watchers work.  You're surrounded by people with the same goal.  And as a Pilates instructor I notice how participants who bring some work buddies along to try a class are much more likely to become regular attendees and stick to their fitness goals.  Some of the most fun classes I teach are in office buildings, usually where participants know at least a few other people in the class and can encourage each other back into the exercise habit with some enthusiastic cameraderie!

So if November is already starting to bring you down and affect your excellent gym habit, perhaps now's the time to sign-up to a charity run with friends or try a completely new sport or class with your partner.  Perhaps you could get a group of friends down to one of Sweaty Betty's "fit for free" classes.  Don't wait for someone to ask you to be their gym friend, ask them first ... 'be the fitness miracle'!

If you want more information about Pilates in Canary Wharf, why not contact me at karen@klhfitness.co.uk.  it would be great to hear from you.


Seema on Fabulously Fit Betties
By Seema - 28th September 2010
How exciting. Is it bad thst I am trawling the blogs to see what everyone thought of press day. Thanks for your post Karen.xx
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