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20% off at Whittard + 3 matcha recipes

posted on Thursday, 26th January 2017 | find under Nutrition
Love tea? Us too which is why to celebrate the launch of Whittard of Chelsea's new Moroccan Mint Tea we've teamed up with the classic brand to offer you an exclusive 20% OFF your next purchase in-store or online with code 170301. What are you waiting for? To inspire you further, find their top three matcha recipes below.

Meet Whittard

Founded in 1886, Whittard of Chelsea source the finest tea, coffee & cocoa from across the globe, and specialise in bespoke blends, equipment & tableware. From brave new brews and innovative equipment to classic chinaware and old-time favourites, this quintessentially British brands constantly expanding collection has been over a century in the making. 

Tea scientist and expert tea buyer, Bethan Thomas knows a thing or two about a good brew. After falling in love with speciality tea while studying in Shanghai, Bethan studied a masters degree in Tea Science at Fujian Forestry and Agricultural University in China. She now travels the world sourcing and creating new blends, so who better to ask about the superfood of the moment matcha.

Exclusive matcha recipes

Why matcha?

This delicious powder offers endless possibilities. Juices, smoothies, Japanese-style sweets, green tea shortbread, I can go on, here are a few of my favourite recipes below.

Matcha Latte

With almost as much caffeine as coffee, this creamy drink will keep you alert all morning. We always use a traditional Japanese bamboo whisk when making matcha, but you can also use a standard teaspoon and electric whisk. 

whittard matcha latte


1 slightly heaped teaspoon of matcha powder
splash of boiling water
3/4 cup of non dairy milk (we love soya)


Add 1 slightly heaped teaspoon of matcha powder to your mug or traditional tea bowl, and mix with a couple of drops of water to make a smooth paste.

Top up with water heated to 80°C (cool for five minutes after boiling) or alternatively, use warmed milk to create a creamy matcha latte. Only fill the mug or bowl to about ¾ full – otherwise the whisking could get a bit messy.

Whisk the liquid until a creamy froth forms on the surface. The tea should taste fresh and rich – slightly vegetal, but with a rounded sweetness.

Super Green Matcha Smoothie

As a die-hard matcha addict, this one’s a personal favourite and great for breakfast on-the-go.

whittard matcha


1 tbsp matcha powder
150g fresh spinach
2 tbsp raw cashews
1/4 avocado
280g ice
460ml water
10-20 drops vanilla syrup


Blitz all the ingredients together, and pour into two glasses.

Matcha Oreo Tart

Who would have thought that Oreos and green tea would be the perfect matcha? This no-bake tart is great for entertaining and offers a deliciously sweet end to the evening.

whittard matcha


For the base:
150g Oreos (without the filling)
50g wafer biscuits
90g butter
55g dark chocolate

For the Filling:
250g white chocolate
250ml double cream
1 tablespoon (10g) matcha powder


Pulse the Oreo biscuits (without the cream filling) and wafers in a food processor until they resemble crumbs.

In a separate bowl, add the butter and chocolate and melt in the microwave or over a pan of boiling water. Pour the chocolate mixture into the crumbed biscuits and combine. Using a round loose-based flan tin, press the biscuit mixture evenly around the base before refrigerating for at least an hour to set.

Meanwhile, heat cream until warm, chop the white chocolate into small pieces and stir into the cream until melted. Remove from the heat and whisk in the matcha powder, making sure that all the powder is dissolved and the colour is even. Set aside to cool.

Remove the base from the fridge and, once cool, pour the matcha mixture into the biscuit-lined flan tin. Leave in the fridge to set for around 3 hours.To serve, remove from the tin, slice and enjoy!

Three burning questions

Describe your morning routine?

I get up with my daughter and put the kettle on pretty much instantaneously. My partner makes us all breakfast while Cerys and I get dressed for the day – it’s amazing how long it takes a 2 year old to pick out their clothes but we get there eventually! Breakfast always includes fresh eggs, fruit and tea, I can’t leave the house without it. 
Your favourite workout and why?

I love a long run and living in the Cotswolds means access to fresh air and amazing scenery. I find running meditative, after the first 15 minutes my head completely clears of any worries and I can just take in the beauty around me. Since having a baby, it’s also the only time of my day that I feel truly alone, which is a great treat.
Number one goal for 2017?

To make it through having a kitchen extension and our second child without losing my mind.

For even more matcha tips watch Whittard's exclusive video here. Buy your own matcha powder and find out more about Whittard here. Get an exclusive 20% OFF your next purchase in-store or online with code 170301
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