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Edinburgh gives SB a lesson in culture and calm

posted on Friday, 10th June 2011 | find under 
Sweaty Betty Melli explores EdinburghMy trip to join the Road Show team in Edinburgh kicked off with a visit to check out the latest Louboutins in Pam Jenkins beautiful little boutique on Thistle Street. We then stopped for a quick tea break at Eteaket on Frederick Street. I couldn't help admiring the city's grand historical architecture and wide cobbled streets.
We went to David Calder's private personal training and wellness studio. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, with a luxurious feel, top of the range equipment, with a  guaranteed five star service treatment.
We wound down with a Sivananda Yoga class in the evening.  It felt truly amazing to go back to my essential Hatha Yoga roots after focussing my recent practises on Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow.
The beginning of the class was concentrated primarily on Pranayama, emphasising full yogic breath, engaging the abdomen and lungs in a series of breathing techniques.  We were then lead through the standard 12 basic asanas, loosening the complete upper body, neck shoulders and back.  These two basic principles encourage positive thinking and meditation, and by the end of Savasana I was left feeling refreshed and revived, calm with a clear head. I love yoga therapy!!!
Thank you for having me Edinburgh see you again soon!
Opening In Edinburgh
By Louise Wallace - 8th February 2012
Hello, Please can you kindly tell me when you are expecting to open a Yoga Shop in Edinburgh? Would you be starting a running club there? Thanks Louise
By claire mccollum - 16th June 2011
Does this mean we can expect the first sweaty betty store north of the border soon? It seems rude not to have one?
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