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Eat to beat stress and boost energy

posted on Tuesday, 29th June 2010 | find under Fitness

What you eat, when you eat and how you eat can all have a huge impact on your stress and energy levels. If you are going through a period of low energy or high stress try following these nutrition guidelines. 

Food that help de-stress
•    Avocados
•    Turkey
•    Bananas
•    Potatoes
•    Cottage Cheese
•    Ginger
•    Vegetables
•    Pumpkin Seeds
•    Lettuce
•    Low fat milk
…..these all increase tryptophan levels which produce feel good hormones so can help lift your mood.
•    Whole wheat pasta
•    Quinoa
•    Cous-cous
•    Oats
•    Lentils
•    Brown Rice
……are all calming foods and contain many important nutrients including B vitamins for energy.

• Eat more oily fish and seeds which are rich in essential fats which help balance stress hormones

• Stress breaks down protein in the body very quickly so make sure you get good quality protein every day, at least 100grams with each meal.

• Drink calming teas such as chamomile, valerian and peppermint.

• Eat breakfast every day to stop mid-morning energy slumps…good choices are poached eggs, fish, grilled vegetables, porridge, sugar free muesli, puffed rice cereal, fresh fruit, rice cakes with turkey, cottage cheese or sugar free jam, handful of unsalted nuts and seeds.

• Aim to eat a small snack or meal, every 3 hours to prevent blood sugar levels dropping and energy levels lowering.

• Don’t eat when you are stressed as it can affect digestion. Sit down and relax before and during a meal.

• Drink 1.5 litres of water a day to flush out toxins

• Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to detox your system and provide vitamins and minerals for the body.

Foods to avoid particularly in times of stress

• Alcohol
• Caffeine
• Sugar
• Refined foods
• Artificial sweeteners.

Any further questions feel free to call or email Danielle Collins (qualified nutritionist) on 07890 298915 www.daniellecollinstraining.com

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